2016 Minneapolis Regional

11:13 PM

Some facts leading into the Regional Competition: The Minneapolis Regional will be held in the Sports Pavilion and hosted by the University of Minnesota at 4.00pm local time. This is the seventh-straight year Brigham Young University has qualified to Regionals whilst the University of Florida will be hoping to win their 16th NCAA Regional title. Ohio State University will be making their 38th NCAA Regional appearance with Denver University making a Regionals appearance for the 18th consecutive year. The University of Missouri will be making their second straight NCAA Regionals appearance and the 26th overall bid in the program's history. Iowa State's Haylee Young is making her second appearance at Regionals in the All Around whilst the U.S. Air Force Academy duo of Kara Witgen and Jamie Lewis are making their second consecutive Regional appearances. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Junior Mackenzie Smith becomes the first gymnast in the program's history to qualify as an Event Specialist - she has had a fantastic season since transferring from Michigan State University.

The University of Florida and the University of Minnesota advance to Nationals after placing first and second respectively. This is the first time since 2013 that Minnesota has advanced to the NCAA National Championships. Florida Sophomore Alex McMurtry and Freshman Alicia Boren tied with Iowa State University Freshman Meaghan Sievers for the Vault honors. McMurtry and Minnesota Senior Lindsay Mable tied for the Uneven Bars honors whilst on the Balance Beam Florida Senior Bridget Sloan triumphed and also earned herself the All Around title. Denver University fifth-year Senior Nina McGee was the top scorer on the Floor Exercise. McGee and the University of Missouri Freshman Morgan Porter advance to Nationals to compete in the All Around, whilst Sievers advances as a Vault specialist. Sievers becomes the third Iowa State Freshman to qualify as an Individual (Sissy Huey in 1999 and Erin Dethloff in 2003 were the other ones).

  • ALL AROUND: Courtney Pickett (Junior, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
  • VAULT: Sara Townsend (Senior, Iowa State University)
  • UNEVEN BARS: Amy Enright (Sophomore, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)
  • BALANCE BEAM: Sarah Neumann (Senior, U.S. Air Force Academy)
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Courtney Middelkoop (Sophomore, Iowa State University)
TEAM RESULTS (Nos. in front of team name denote Regional Seeding):
  1. 1 - University of Florida (49.225, 49.125, 49.300, 49.075) 196.725
  2. 3 - University of Minnesota (49.175, 48.950, 49.150, 48.900) 196.175
  3. 4 - University of Missouri (49.050, 48.950, 48.975, 48.875) 195.850
  4. 2 - Denver University (49.175, 48.750, 48.525, 49.250) 195.700
  5. 5 - Ohio State University (49.000, 48.700, 48.200, 48.875) 194.775
  6. 6 - Brigham Young University (48.825, 48.525, 47.650, 49.075) 194.075
  1. Bridget Sloan (University of Florida) 39.375
  2. Nina McGee (Denver University) 39.350
  3. Morgan Porter (University of Missouri) 39.300
  4. Makenzie Johnson Halliday (Brigham Young University) 39.100
  5. Ciara Gardner (University of Minnesota); Lindsay Mable (University of Minnesota); Haylee Young (Sophomore, Iowa State University) 39.050

  6. Meaghan Sievers (Freshman, Iowa State University) 39.025
  7. Shauna Miller (University of Missouri) 39.000
  8. Taylor Harrison (Ohio State University) 38.850
  9. Kaitlyn Hofland (Ohio State University) 38.825
  10. Alicia Boren (University of Florida) 38.650
  11. Alexis Mattern (Ohio State University) 38.125
  12. Jamie Lewis (Sophomore, U.S. Air Force Academy) 37.550
  13. Kara Witgen (Junior, U.S. Air Force Academy) 37.000
  1. Alicia Boren (Florida); Alex McMurtry (Florida); Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State) 9.900

  2. Bailey Abernathy (Minnesota); Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875

  3. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Diana Chesnok (Denver); Nina McGee (Denver); Kennedi Harris (Missouri) 9.850

  4. Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Abby DeMuse (Minnesota); Stefanie Merkle (Ohio State); Kaitlyn Hofland (Ohio State) 9.825

  5. Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Makenzie Johnson Halliday (Brigham Young); Mackenzie Douglas (Brigham Young); Emily Barrett (Denver); Julia Ross (Denver); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Shauna Miller (Missouri); Angie Kern (Missouri); Xarria Lewis (Missouri); Morgan Porter (Missouri); Britney Ward (Missouri); Alexis Mattern (Ohio State); Jamie Stone (Ohio State) 9.800

  6. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Kaitlyn Schou (Denver) 9.775

  7. Mikaela Jones (Brigham Young); Sin To (Brigham Young); Amanda Cheney (Florida); Taylor Harrison (Ohio State); Haylee Young (Iowa State); Briana Ledesma (Sophomore, Iowa State University) 9.750

  8. Cheyenne Hill (Brigham Young); Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Jamie Lewis (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.725

  9. Sydney Converse (Freshman, Iowa State University); Jill van Mierlo (Brigham Young); Kara Witgen (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.675

  10. Michelle Burns (Ohio State University) 9.650
  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.875

  2. Brittni Wilde (Brigham Young); Nina McGee (Denver); Alicia Boren (Florida); Becca Schugel (Missouri) 9.850

  3. Madeline Hanley (Minnesota); Kennedy Baker (Florida); Morgan Porter (Missouri) 9.825

  4. Julia Ross (Denver); Bridget Sloan (Florida); Kaitlyn Hofland (Ohio State) 9.800

  5. Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Diana Chesnok (Denver); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Madeleine Huber (Missouri); Brooke Kelly (Missouri); Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State) 9.775

  6. Abby DeMuse (Minnesota); Makenzie Johnson Halliday (Brigham Young); Mackenzie Douglas (Brigham Young); Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Florida); Samantha Kent (Ohio State) 9.750

  7. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Shauna Miller (Missouri); Tia Allbritten (Missouri); Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Alexis Mattern (Ohio State) 9.725

  8. Claire Kern (Denver); Rachel Abrams (Ohio State) 9.700

  9. Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young); Taylor Harrison (Brigham Young) 9.675

  10. Mackenzie Smith (Junior, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) 9.650
  11. Rachel Cutler (Minnesota); Katie Menhinick (Denver); Nikole Addison (Denver); Haylee Young (Iowa State) 9.625

  12. Jill Van Mierlo (Brigham Young) 9.500
  13. Kara Witgen (U.S. Air Force Academy); Jamie Lewis (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.350

  14. Hilary Green (Sophomore, Iowa State University) 9.075
  15. Natasha Trejo (Brigham Young) 8.975
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.950
  2. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Hanna Nordquist (Minnesota); Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.925

  3. Britney Ward (Missouri) 9.900
  4. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.875
  5. Haylee Young (Iowa State) 9.850
  6. Emily Barrett (Denver); Morgan Porter (Missouri) 9.825

  7. Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Ericha Fassbender (Florida) 9.800

  8. Madeline Hanley (Minnesota); Shauna Miller (Missouri) 9.775

  9. Sin To (Brigham Young); Julia Ross (Denver); Peyton Ernst (Florida); Allison Bower (Missouri) 9.750

  10. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Becca Schugel (Missouri); Taylor Harrison (Ohio State) 9.725

  11. Makenzie Johnson Halliday (Brigham Young); Kaitlyn Schou (Denver); Nina McGee (Denver); Tia Allbritten (Missouri); Maggie Dunn (Ohio State); Stefanie Merkle (Ohio State) 9.700

  12. Kaitlin Rahon (Minnesota); Tenille Funches (Ohio State) 9.650

  13. Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young) 9.625
  14. Alex Marasco (Senior, Iowa State University); Sydney Converse (Freshman, Iowa State University) 9.600

  15. Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State) 9.575
  16. Katie Menhinick (Denver) 9.550
  17. Claire Hammen (Denver) 9.525
  18. Kaitlyn Hofland (Ohio State) 9.425
  19. Jill Van Mierlo (Brigham Young) 9.375
  20. Mikaela Jones (Brigham Young) 9.200
  21. Natasha Trejo (Brigham Young) 9.075
  22. Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.050
  23. Jamie Lewis (U.S. Air Force Academy) 8.850
  24. Alexis Mattern (Ohio State) 8.800
  25. Kara Witgen (U.S. Air Force Academy) 8.350
  1. Nina McGee (Denver) 9.950
  2. Kennedi Harris (Missouri) 9.875
  3. Bailey Abernathy (Minnesota); Mackenzie Douglas (Brigham Young); Makenzie Johnson Halliday (Brigham Young); Claire Hammen (Denver); Alicia Boren (Florida); Morgan Porter (Missouri); Briana Ledesma (Sophomore, Iowa State University) 9.850

  4. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Emily Barrett (Denver); Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Grace McLaughlin (Florida); Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Haylee Young (Iowa State) 9.825

  5. Cheyenne Hill (Brigham Young); Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young); Kaitlyn Schou (Denver); Allison Bower (Missouri); Jamie Stone (Ohio State); Stefanie Merkle (Ohio State); Alexis Mattern (Ohio State) 9.800

  6. Kaitlin Rahon (Minnesota); Abby DeMuse (Minnesota); Sin To (Brigham Young); Kaitlyn Hofland (Ohio State); Kelsey Paz (Sophomore, Iowa State University); Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State) 9.775

  7. Bridget Sloan (Florida); Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.750

  8. Shauna Miller (Missouri); Taylor Harrison (Ohio State) 9.700

  9. Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Nikole Addison (Denver) 9.675

  10. Michaelee Turner (Missouri) 9.650
  11. Angie Kern (Missouri); Jamie Lewis (U.S. Air Force Academy); Kara Witgen (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.625

  12. Natasha Trejo (Brigham Young) 9.600
  13. Erin Malone (Ohio State) 9.525
  14. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 9.400

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