2016 Salt Lake City Regional

9:00 PM

The Salt Lake City Regional was hosted by the University of Utah at the Jon M. Huntsman Center. Some history headed into the Regional: Utah last hosted a NCAA Regional in 2012 and have won 11 out of the 12 Regionals they have hosted (they were runner up at the 2010 Regionals to Florida). The University of Illinois-Champaign are making their 13th consecutive Regional trip whilst the University of California-Los Angeles have won 21 Regional titles and placed second to Utah back at the Fayetteville Regional in 2014. This marks the tenth consecutive Regionals for the University of Washington whilst it is the third straight for Utah State University (something that hasn't been done since the program appeared in 17 straight from 1986 to 2002. Senior Gymnast M'rcy Matsunami of the University of Alaska-Anchorage makes her second consecutive trip to the Regionals competition as an All Around qualifier after competing as a Vault specialist back in her Freshman year. Sacramento State Senior Kalliah McCartney is making her third Regionals appearance whilst her team mates, Sophomore Julia Konner and Junior Cassie Benning are making their second appearance (last qualified in 2014). Interestingly the reserve gymnast for the All Around, Maddie Herr (San Jose State University) has been named for the second time in two years since transferring from Ohio State University. University of California-Davis Junior Katy Nogaki becomes the sixth UC-Davis gymnast to earn three trips to the NCAA Regionals and is the first to participate in three consecutively whilst Alexis Brown and Stephanie Stamates make their Regionals debuts.

M'rcy Matsunami of the University of Alaska-Anchorage only performed on the Uneven Bars after an unfortunate injury during Warm-Ups today. The University of Utah and the University of California-Los Angeles who finished first and second respectively advance to the 2016 NCAA National Championships. Utah Senior Kailah Delaney tied with UCLA Freshman Madison Preston for the top score on the Vault whilst UCLA's Redshirt Junior Christine 'Peng-Peng' Lee was the Uneven Bars champion. UCLA Senior Danusia Francis and the University of Washington Senior Allison Northey tied for the mark on the Balance Beam. University of Illinois-Champaign Freshman Lizzy LeDuc tallied a career-high on the Floor Exercise to tie for the honors with UCLA's Redshirt Senior Sadiqua Bynum. As the two top All Arounders whose teams did not qualify to Nationals, Northey and Southern Utah University Junior Danielle Ramirez advance as All Around Qualifiers. LeDuc joins them as a National  Qualifier on the Floor Exercise. 

  • ALL AROUND: Maddie Herr (Senior, San Jose State University)
  • VAULT: Erica Matos (Junior, San Jose State University)
  • UNEVEN BARS: Dani Judal (Senior, University of California-Davis)
  • BALANCE BEAM: Katy Nogaki (Junior, University of California-Davis)
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Yasmine Yektaparast (Freshman, University of California-Davis)
TEAM RESULTS (Nos. in front denote Regional Seeding):
  1. 1 - University of Utah (49.250, 49.350, 49.225, 49.300) 197.125
  2. 2 - University of California-Los Angeles (49.125, 48.800, 49.050, 49.400) 196.375
  3. 3 - University of Washington (49.000, 48.525, 49.100, 49.200) 195.825
  4. 5 - University of Illinois-Champaign (48.525, 48.675, 48.875, 49.275) 195.350
  5. 6 - Utah State University (48.750, 48.650, 48.675, 48.950) 195.025
  6. 4 - Southern Utah University (48.850, 48.825, 48.350, 48.925) 194.950
  1. Breanna Hughes (University of Utah) 39.525
  2. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah University) 39.400
  3. Baely Rowe (University of Utah) 39.300
  4. Allison Northey (University of Washington) 39.275
  5. Samantha Partyka (University of Utah) 39.250
  6. Erin Buchanan (University of Illinois-Champaign) 39.225
  7. Lauren Rice (Freshman, Sacramento State University); Kalliah McCartney (Senior, Sacramento State University) 39.150

  8. Maria Hundley (Senior, Seattle Pacific University) 39.025
  9. Joslyn Goings (University of Washington) 38.750
  10. Lizzy LeDuc (University of Illinois-Champaign) 38.725
  11. Bailey McIntire (Utah State University) 38.675
  12. M'rcy Matsunami (Senior, University of Alaska-Anchorage) 
  1. Kailah  Delaney (Utah); Madison Preston (UCLA) 9.900

  2. Alexandra Yacalis (Washington); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Tiffani Lewis (Utah) 9.875

  3. Breanna Hughes (Utah); Allison Northey (Washington); Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah); Sadiqua Bynum (UCLA); Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.850

  4. Kassandra Lopez (Utah); Julia Konner (Sophomore, San Jose State University) 9.825

  5. Hailey Burleson (Washington); JaNay Honest (UCLA); Sonya Meraz (UCLA); Baely Rowe (Utah); Samantha Partyka (Utah) 9.800

  6. Madison Ward (Utah State); Jillian Chappel (Utah State); Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Angi Cipra (UCLA) 9.775

  7. McKinzey Martinez (Utah State); Katie Brown (Utah State); Stephanie Stowe (Washington); Mady Blake (Southern Utah); Napualani Hall (UCLA); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State); Heather Foley (Illinois-Champaign); Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois-Champaign) 9.750

  8. Joslyn Goings (Washington); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.725

  9. Michelle Yasukochi (Utah State) 9.700
  10. Katy Nogaki (Junior, University of California-Davis) 9.675
  11. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah) 9.650
  12. Jordyn Givens (Illinois-Champaign); Bailey McIntire (Utah State) 9.600

  13. Julia Hutcherson (Illinois-Champaign) 9.575
  14. Sarah Lyons (Illinois-Champaign) 9.550
  15. Karen Gonzalez (Southern Utah) 9.400
  16. Emily Liddle (Washington) 9.050
  1. Christine Lee (UCLA) 9.950
  2. Breanna Hughes (Utah) 9.925
  3. Tiffani Lewis (Utah) 9.900
  4. Kassandra Lopez (Utah); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 9.875

  5. Sabrina Schwab (Utah); Sophina DeJesus (UCLA) 9.850

  6. Sunny Kato (Illinois-Champaign); Kirsten Yee (Southern Utah); Danusia Francis (UCLA); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State) 9.825

  7. Baely Rowe (Utah); Samantha Partyka (Utah); McKinzey Martinez (Utah State); Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington); JaNay Honest (UCLA) 9.800

  8. Keri Peel (Utah State); Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) 9.775

  9. JoAnna Cuba (Utah State) 9.750
  10. Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign); Jordyn Givens (Illinois-Champaign); Hailey Burleson (Washington); M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.725

  11. Bridget Hodan (Illinois-Champaign); Sarah Lyons (Illinois-Champaign); Allison Northey (Washington); Caitlyn Kessel (Southern Utah) 9.700

  12. Bailey McIntire (Utah State); Cassie Benning (Junior, Sacramento State University); Jessica Nesis (Washington) 9.675

  13. Madison Ward (Utah State); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State); Sydney Townsend (Southern Utah) 9.650

  14. Joslyn Goings (Washington); Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah) 9.625

  15. Zoey Schaefer (Washington) 9.600
  16. Melanie Oster (Utah State) 9.550
  17. Stella Savvidou (UCLA) 9.375
  18. Alexis Brown (Sophomore, University of California-Davis) 9.325
  19. Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois-Champaign) 9.200
  20. Sonya Meraz (UCLA) 8.975
  1. Danusia Francis (UCLA); Allison Northey (Washington) 9.900

  2. Samantha Partyka (Utah); Sunny Kato (Illinois-Champaign); Kailah Delaney (Utah); Kassandra Lopez (Utah); Baely Rowe (Utah); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 9.850

  3. Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois-Champaign); Breanna Hughes (Utah); Stephanie Stowe (Washington); Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington) 9.825

  4. Sonya Meraz (UCLA); Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State); Maddy Stover (Utah); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State); Malory Rose (Washington) 9.800

  5. Kirsten Yee (Southern Utah); Sophina DeJesus (UCLA); Mikaela Gerber (UCLA); Keri Peel (Utah State); Melanie Oster (Utah State); Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Stephanie Stamates (Senior, University of California-Davis) 9.775

  6. Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign); Brielle Nguyen (Illinois-Champaign); Nicki Shapiro (UCLA); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State); Hailey Burleson (Washington);  9.750

  7. Heather Foley (Illinois-Champaign); Bailey McIntire (Utah State); Kamryn Bayer (Southern Utah) 9.700

  8. Emily Briones (Utah State) 9.625
  9. Joslyn Goings (Washington) 9.600
  10. Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.225
  11. Bridget Hodan (Illinois-Champaign) 9.150
  12. Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah) 9.125
  13. Alexis Brown (Sophomore, University of California-Davis) 9.100
  14. Katie Brown (Utah State) 9.025
  1. Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois-Champaign); Sadiqua Bynum (UCLA) 9.950

  2. Breanna Hughes (Utah) 9.925
  3. Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign); Danusia Francis (UCLA); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.900

  4. Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington); Alexandra Yacalis (Washington); JaNay Honest (UCLA); MaKenna Merrell (Utah); Stephanie Stamates (Senior, University of California-Davis) 9.875

  5. Baely Rowe (Utah); Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah); Angi Cipra (UCLA) 9.850

  6. Tiffani Lewis (Utah); Sabrina Schwab (Utah); Zoey Schaefer (Washington); Allison Northey (Washington); Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA); Heather Foley (Illinois-Champaign); Brielle Nguyen (Illinois-Champaign) 9.825

  7. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah); Joslyn Goings (Washington); Madison Preston (UCLA); Jillian Chappel (Utah State); Madison Ward (Utah State); Keri Peel (Utah State); McKinzey Martinez (Utah State) 9.800

  8. Mady Blake (Southern Utah); Rebecca Cuppy (Illinois-Champaign); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State); Bridget Hodan (Illinois-Champaign) 9.775

  9. Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State); Cassie Benning (Junior, Sacramento State University) 9.750

  10. Emily Liddle (Washington) 9.725
  11. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Kamryn Bayer (Southern Utah); Bailey McIntire (Utah State) 9.700

  12. Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah) 9.650

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