Aussie Girls

10:33 PM

Hello Fellow Gym-Fans.

Now I saw this article in my reading... not that i frequent gossipy magazines, but also because this PDF was on the Gymnastics Australia website. It is fantastic to see a feature on Miss Bonora - I learnt so much more than I could ever have imagined. I sincerely hope that she makes it onto the Olympic team - her family has been/is going through a lot of life's struggles. Read the article here and let me know what you think? And how cute was she as a little girl??

Belated congratulations to Miss Olivian Vivian on her recruit to NCAA and in particular to Oregon State University (OSU Beavers) which you can read about here. Monique Blount has also been recruited for next season to George Washington University.

The Pacific Rim was broadcast on NBC this weekend... and yayness for the fact that they did a small little interview with our very own Miss Joura!! Please have a look as I think it's cute, although I am not too sold on the lipstick. Thanks to lizziexmas for uploading.
Anyways I am off to watch the full coverage on Youtube. Will let you know my take on the coverage.

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