Pacific Rim broadcast

11:46 PM

So I started watching what was uploaded of the 2008 Pacific Rim Championships and hope to uploaded this as more parts get uploaded. More than a little upset that NBC showed hardly any of the Russians and Chinese, but that was soon forgotten. Lydmila Grebenkova was "the glue" of the Russian team - to be expected and she looked good from the footage that was shown of her.

Very much excitement as Emily Little was shown first up on vault. For her first major international competition she did well although she did take a little step over the line.
Canada sent their best team to San Jose where Kristina Vaculik's floor routine was shown... not bad in my opinion but definitely not spectacular.
Dasha Joura- one of Tim's favourite gymnasts in the world! Her vault was great. But then again I am a little biased when it comes to the performance of my favourite gymnasts.
Canada's Olympic Slection Trials/Nationals will be held the first week of June in Calgary at the Olympic Oval. Nansy Damianova is quite growing on me and I learnt that her parents are Bulgarian.... I watch and listen!
ZOMG - Darlene Hill. I have tears in my eyes listening to the take of her recent struggles.
Samantha Shapiro on vault. What a fabulous impact she has made already and what a great smile and such a bright and bubbly personality.
Lauren Mitchell with a great performance on bars, and according to Elfi has "all the goods to be in the top 6 AA". You go girl!
Darlene Hill and a bit more of her back-story and apparently her mum was into drugs so her grandma intervened. She is so powerful on vault. I liked the "c'mon shake it up"!
Nastia Liukin - According to the hosts they thought you were going to see her in 2 NOT 4 events. but she looked oh so good! on vault definitely the best seen from her thus far in her comeback from an ankle injury.
Dasha Joura
had a rock-solid bar routine and according to the commentators. "if she is in good condition come Beijing she will be fighting to get on that podium to win a medal in the AA". So true and fingers and toes crossed/
Wow I think Jana Bieger is back, as evident by a lovely vault
Britt Greeley
and I think the international experience will be grand for her. She seemed to be working really hard with that Uneven Bar routine.
Peng-Peng Lee
- I totally agree that she's going to be quite a force and may we see great things from her now and into the future! Bring on 2012!
Rebecca Bross - Gorgeous uneven bars routine - but then again she's a WOGA gymnast and that's one of the gym's defining qualities in my opinion. Rebecca is one of my favourites, but since when has she worn braces? I can't believe I've missed that!!
Brittany Rogers- I don't know much about this Canadian but she is very powerful on vault.
Jana Bieger - beautiful with a great stuck landing although toe point needs work.
FLUFF PIECE on DASHA! Total yayness and she sounds so innocent and sweet! Great to see a fluff that is non-American in my opinion
Dasha on beam: lovely - and oh how cute is this team comraderie? and the little cheer squad they have going for each other.
Nansy Damianova - nice vault.
Sam Shapiro - UB. wow!
Nastia Liukin - big step on landing, but apart from that I cannot fault her.
peng-peng Lee- ouch! for the bhardwaj. but so tough.
Britt Greeley - Anyone know what music is? Heaven and what other piece? I think it sort of works for her she seems to have a personality that could suit it but needs a bit of work done on it.
Nansy Damianova - UB- SOLID PERFORMANCE (not sure why this is in capitals??!!)
Sam Shapiro- beam - luv the mount. love the routine.
Kristina Vaculik - great bars routine except the steps on the landing
Nastia Liukin - the best beam worker today in my opinion? Anyone disagree with me here?
Dasha on floor. sassy, well performed. i <3>
Darlene Hill -
I love her floor routine! I think we've found a new favourite for MissChim. I mean this girl is a fantastic gymnast and I would love to see her in Beijing.
Kristina Vaculik on balance beam. What a huge smile from Kristina at the conclusion of a solid beam routine. I couldn't really fault it.

Jana Bieger
on floor- Am I the only one who isn't a fan of her start pose? But apart from that it was a relatively strong performance. Does anyone know what her floor music is? I think I may have to find it out of an interest point of view.
Nastia Liukin - is anyone aware if she'll be getting a new floor routine/music? I don't mind her current routine and music, but I think it's time to see what else the choreographers can come up with? Great routine but unfortunate about that scary stumble back.
They then went on to outline the success that Paul Hamm had at these Pacific Rim Champs. And then Sam Shapiro's "exhibition" floor routine... I love the way that everyone got behind her to help her finish the routine.. kudos to Sam.

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