Australian Nationals -

3:53 AM

Dennis brings a touch of Chinese in her music for floor. She's very flexible and strong on this apparatus. Has a gorgeous routine but unfortunately went OOB. 14.250

Mitchell: 1 1/2 twists which she stood up.

Shona performs really well on the floor. I love this routine for her, it's very classy and she has a beautiful triple turn.

Dasha's vault scoring a 15.300 was fantastic for me.

Georgia is one of my favourite Australians on floor. Unfortunately this time around she appeared a little shaky on her landings, but she has gorgeous leaps and has catchy music.

Ash Brennan has really improved - the best bit for me was that she is not wearing those socks on floor!! Another gorgeous floor routine for her.

Miller: An okay Yurchenko full from her.

Berryman: An okay routine for her, a highlight for me was her triple turn and I do love the music.

A little bit of trivia for you: This is the first time since 1992 that we haven't had a gymnast return for another shot at the Olympics.

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