Dasha's latest blog

12:52 AM

Dasha's new blog is up on Perthnow, which you can read here. She says that it was about time that she justified the absence of her column, which is awesome news - so thoughtful too! She talks mostly about Nationals and never mentioned once that she is again our National Champion, can anyone say modest? She describes Nationals as:

Nationals are an event which simulates the toughest structure of competition – it is really a case of survival of the fittest, an endurance event of three full competition days.
So very true, as I believe Nationals is just that and Dasha goes on to say:
National Championships continues to be one of my favourite competitions of the year. It’s always a jovial affair, travelling with all the girls from our home gym with whom we share many memories and experiences. Also, it’s a home game. When we compete on the international stage, we represent Australia and the fact that we are from WAIS can be easily overlooked.

I don’t often get the opportunity to officially represent WAIS, and Nationals is the perfect occasion for a bit of West Aussie pride. I think that it’s important to recognise and acknowledge the origin of our foundations – the darkroom where our skills have developed (no negatives involved, however!).
She is truly very grounded and knows where her roots are.

Arriving back in Perth just in time for exams was a congratulatory treat, and a great way to settle and ground me into “everyday life” after Moscow.
And I am sure a lot of people know how she felt, although I think most would disagree with exams being congratulatory!

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