French Nationals Field

5:33 PM

The new preview of the latest edition of IG is online. It features little interviews with Sam Peszek and Nastia pre-Visa, as well as a feature on the NCAA Champs and the Photo Gallery is from the Australian Championships. It's the last time to get a free preview, come next issue you'll need to pay for an online subscription, although those of us lucky to have a print magazine subscription will get to see it free.

The next few weeks will be Gymnastics News Galore! And I couldn't be happier, although I do have to make a couple of trips to the airport - my mum is off on a well deserved holiday!

The French Nationals take place this weekend - and also acts as the selection for the Olympics. It's called the Championnats de France Open de gymnastique this year as a number of gymnasts will be attending, namely MAG competitors - Jordan Jotchev (Bul) and Mitja Petkovsek (Slo); and WAG Competitors Cheng Fei, Jiang Yuyan, Yang Yilin, Deng Linlin and Sui Lu (one of the later 4 mentioned will be the reserve, although I read that it's one of the last 2 who will sit out). Beth Tweddle was supposed to compete as well, but is out with an ankle injury (I do hope she'll be okay for Beijing). The trampoline stars that will be starring are the German representative for the Olympics - Henrik Stelik and Italian Flavio Cannone. In terms of France:


  • Samit Ait Said
  • Pierre-Yves Beny
  • Thomas Bouhail
  • Benoit Caranobe
  • Yann Cucherat
  • Gael Da Silva
  • Dimitri Karbanenko
  • Florent Maree
  • Danny Rodrigues
  • Hamilton Sabot
  • Raphael Wignanitz
  • Arnaud Willig
  • Rose-Eliandre Belemare
  • Marine Debauve
  • Laetitia Dugain
  • Manon Erre
  • Magaly Hars
  • Kathleen Lindor
  • Lindsay Lindor
  • Erika Morel
  • Pauline Morel
  • Marine Petit
  • Cassy Vericel
  • Mickael Jala
  • Romain Legros
  • David Martin
  • Sebastien Martiny
  • Gregoire Pennes
I think Pauline Morel, Laetitia Dugain, Cassy Vericel, Marine Petit, Kathleen Lindor, Marine Debauve and Rose-Eliandre will make up the six members and one alternate. Thoughts anyone? We'll see how it goes.

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