Without Compromise

5:43 AM

I had a brief looking at Winter 2009's Without Compromise edition tonight. For those who are not familiar with it, it is a publication put out by the West Australian Institute of Sport so we can see what is new with all the program's athletes and coaches. It was a gymfeast in this edition with tidbits on Liz Chetkovich, Lauren Mitchell, and Olivia Vivian.

Let's begin with Liz. What an amazing woman she is and congratulations to her on this achievement.
Liz Chetkovich Celebrates Her 21st!
In the year that WAIS celebrates it’s 25th anniversary
it would be remiss to not acknowledge
the milestone of one of our longest serving staff
members. Coaching Group Manager – Acrobatic
Sports Liz Chetkovich celebrated 21 years as a
staff member at the Institute in early 2009! After
being one of the first two full time coaches appointed
at WAIS in 1988 Liz has gone on to be a
program administrator and now a Coaching Group
Manager. Congratulation on your achievement Liz!

The 2009 Champions Breakfast has been held and Lauren Mitchell was awarded with the Athlete Career and Education Award for the reasons listed below.

Lauren Mitchell is a poster girl for sport/life
balance, with her performances in 2008/09 in
both spheres nothing short of outstanding. She
managed to combine representing Australia at
the Beijing Games and winning a gold medal in
World Cup Final with earning good marks in
her TEE subjects at Iona College. Her ability to
focus on the task at hand, be it sporting or study,
makes her a worthy winner of this award.
Mitchell is also 1 of three West Australians (the other two being Steve Hooker and an unknown swimmer - possibly Eamon Sullivan) who are the faces of the 'Go for 2 & 5' sponsor banner feature advertisement.

Plus there is a whole page on Olivia Vivian. Well actually the article is to do with the positives of taking up an opportunity at a US College. It talks about the positives and negatives of this chance. The article goes on to say "WAIS Athlete Career and Education Co-ordinator Heather McGregor-Bayne believes it is a win-win situation for Vivian and Oregon State but cautions that a US college education doesn’t suit all athletes." It is a bit of a short piece that includes a picture of Vivian with her fellow Beavers and one of her in action, but is definitely worth a read!

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