Get Well Soon

11:27 PM

Best wishes of a speedy recovery to Isle of Man gymnasts Olivia Curran and Joe Smith.

Olivia, was to make history in Delhi, as the first female to qualify for the gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games. Olivia, who is nineteen deferred her university studies to focus on qualifying and preparing for the Games, but was dealt the cruel blow of tearing her anterior cruciate ligament whilst in training on Wednesday. Ms Curran told Guardian Online that:

"It was just an accident," she said. "I was on the bars, about to dismount and my hand slipped off the bar. I slipped and landed on my knees. I knew I'd damaged it.

"I have been training full-time – 30 hours per week. I had an operation on my ankle a year ago and since then I've been playing catch-up to be ready.

"It's been a real struggle, but having qualified, we were happy that over the past couple of weeks, we were at the level we wanted to be at."

Fellow Isle of Man gymnast Joe Smith will also be watching on the sidelines after tearing his achilles tendon during training on Tuesday night. He told Manx Radio that:
"I was just doing a regular move, a standard move, nothing different. I was just starting my floor routine. I’d done my first tumble but when I went up from my next take-off I heard something snap. I realised that I had lost rotation and managed to land on my side. As I lay there, my first thought was to get up and finish the routine, but then the pain hit me and I just grabbed my leg."

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