On the Second Day of Christmas....

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On the Second Day of Christmas
My True Love Sent to Me...
A Chilean Surprise Story!

Makarena Pinto Adasme.

Image from TRIUNFO here. After a successful showing at the Stuttgart and Glasgow World Cups where she was 3rd on her pet event the event on both (13.762 average at Glasgow). Check the vaults out on Youtube! This girl has gone through much, with a previous complaint being made about the conditions of the Chilean Gymnastics Federation. The focus of such was aimed at head coach Isabel Lazo, who is was believed favoured her two daughters Martina Castro Lazo and Simona Castro Lazo to go and compete overseas. Pinto Adasme is quoted from The Sunday Nation, that "once we were already in a tournament in Denmark and the organisers told me I was not registered." The competition referred to was the 2006 World Gymnastics Championships. The problems mentioned also affected fellow Chilean gymnasts Melanie Cabrera who competed in Aarhus and Marcela Alvarez Diaz (2005 Worlds participant), all of whom spoke to the Special Report Program devoted to the High Performance Programs.

Two years on Makarena is making a name for herself marking her extreme perseverance and character.
"This was my chance to demonstrate the quality of athlete I am. I spent two years away, without training, returning last year. It was a beautiful experience when I lived in Europe, making it clear that gymnastics is not dead in the female domain, "she says proudly.

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  1. Interesting article. Because there are results from last year's Panamerican Championship with this girl competing with one of the girls mentioned in the article. The results are not as flattering for her.