To One And All....

4:59 AM

I, Mielieta Gonzalez would like to wish all my reader's a Merry Christmas.

May you all have a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends who care for you deeply. Have an abundance of fun and frivolity, but please be happy and safe. I hope to have you continuing readership into the New Year.

This year my family is spending it in Perth, so that we can be near my parents. Mum had a stroke about a month ago and is in hospital up here where there is better in and out patient treatment and rehabilitation. This is also the reason why I have been a bit scattered and my posts and time has been elsewhere. While dad has been staying close to the hospital and rehab centre, myself and older sister Nikkola have been responsible for our sisters, both blood related and adopted. Altogether there is nine of us. Nik is 22, I'm 21 and Jordanna is 20, Talitha is 14 and Lerato is 11. My cousin Shayanna who is 13 has come to live with us after a horror start to high school this year where she was frequently bullied. Plus then there is Ashleigh Jayde, Veronique, and Liliyahn-Amanda our adopted siblings and before the stroke mum and dad had also received the approval from the officials to become foster parents. Yes, my parents are simply amazing!

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