2011 Koop Cup

11:09 PM

Moreton Bay College's Danielle Prince is one of two Aussies flying the flag at this competition! Image from MBC Gym News Online.

Russian Evgenia Kanaeva is set to compete and the ever lovely Anna Bessonova is a guest to compete in the gala. The Koop Cup is an event, which will be held from the 21st to 23rd of January and helps to celebrate 60 years of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Canada. Originally started as a bi-annual event, and is now in its 20th year. The most recent edition was held in 2001. Check out the official website at www.kalev.net for more history and information especially about Evelyn Koop the lady in which the competition honours!

  • 21st: 7.30pm Gala - "Harmony In Motion"
  • 21st and 22nd: From 9am - Koop Cup and AGG Competition
  • Ana Milagros Pini (ARG)
  • Evelyn Janice Mast (ARG)
  • Camila Giorgi (ARG)
  • Danielle Prince (AUS)
  • Mariam Chamilova (CAN)
  • Victoria Podollan (CAN)
  • Stephanie Viinamae (CAN)
  • Viktoria Bogdanova (EST)
  • Evilin Muti (EST)
  • Misato Asai (JPN)
  • Kana Shimizu (JPN)
  • Ayumi Nakazawa (JPN)
  • Veronica Alejandra Navarro Blizzard (MEX)
  • Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS)
  • Sibongile Mjekula (RSA)
  • Anna Bessonova (UKR) - GALA ONLY
  • Zoe Ormrod (AUS)
  • Radina Chavdarova Filipova (BUL)
  • Danina Hristova Todorova (BUL)
  • Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN)
  • Teija Korjus-Parker (CAN)
  • Michelle Qin (CAN)
  • Kiah Ward (CAN)
  • Carmel Kallemaa (EST)
  • Efrat Slutskovsky (ISR)
  • Moeka Nijima (JPN)
  • Edna Maryel Garcia Amor (MEX)
  • Serena Lu (USA)
  • Ronit Shamuilov (USA)
  • Kristine Shaldybin (USA)
  • CANADA: SENIOR - "Rhythmic Expressions"
  • CANADA: JUNIOR - "White Trillium"
  • CANADA: JUNIOR - "Northern Lights"
  • ESTONIA: SENIOR - "Rytmika"
  • ESTONIA: JUNIOR - "Janika"

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