Boffo Brilliance

3:52 AM

To All you Aussie and New Zealand Take 5 magazine readers.... check out the article in this week's issue (Jan 26th, Issue No. 4). You will see an article titled "Skip to the Beat" all about the wonderful Brittany Boffo and her talents. Many thanks to Brittany's mother and number one fan Karen! For writing in and sharing her daughter's story with us readers. For those who are unfamiliar with her talents: Brit can rope skip using her arms! Truly incredible and many can see such footage by doing a Youtube search. A noteable quote from the article:
"We're so proud of Brit and her amazing efforts.
Some adults have tried to beat her record. But Brit's tiny size and youth prove too much of an advantage.
I'll keep supporting her talent until she tires of it.
Right now her ultimate goal is to represent Australia at international competitions in gymnastics.
My little skipper will always be a winner to me."

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