Happy Birthday!!

6:29 PM

Our Birthday wishes today are awarded to the follow people:

Former gymnast from Turkey Ozgur Mulazimoglu Balli turns 36 today. After competing for 14 years Ozgur is now a Judge, which you can read all about what she said in the lead up to last year's Youth Olympics here.

1996 Olympian from Switzerland Pascale Grossenbacher celebrates her 33rd birthday today.

Lithuanian Samanta Dirkyte who turns 23 today.

Leydis Isabela Perdomo Dominguez of Cuba was born on this day in 1997.

Iceland's Frida Run Einarsdottir turns 19 today. Images below is from 2007 and can be seen with the accompanying article here.

South Africa's Candice Cronje who is celebrating her 21st today! Picture below from Getty Images of Candice performing on Floor at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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