Lovely Leotards

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Images from Qualification at the 2011 World Championships!! Such a wonderful year for leotards. Those without a direct source are from Getty Images.

ARGENTINA: Merlina Galera by Volker Minkus of Interesting leotard, but I think I kind of like it. Lovely to see Merlina back in action!

ARMENIA: Houry Gebeshian by Volker Minkus courtesy Simple yet effective leotard. A definite winner!

AUSTRIA: Barbara Gasser from Thomas Schreyer's official site. Oh Austria, I don't understand the patterning choice. But it doesn't look too bad.

BELARUS: Nastassia Marachkouskaya by Volker Minkus courtesy of I love the Belarussian leotard! But I would like to see something different next time?


CHILE: Makarena Pinto Adasme, image from fig-photos. I quite like this leotard, because it is something we don't see. Plus the patterning on it is delightful.

COLOMBIA: Jessica Gil Ortiz from FIG-Photos. I heart this leotard - definitely my favourite from these World Championships!!

COSTA RICA: Karina Regidor, image from FIG-Photos. It's an interesting leotard, which in the photos works.

CROATIA: Tijana Tkalcec, Tina Erceg and Dina Madir. Lovely idea to have different leotards, but all of which work and have shades of blue in them.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Kristyna Palesova by Thomas Schreyer. Jana Sikulova, Palesova's compatriot was wearing a different leotard, but I could not find an image. Kristyna's leotards are always stunning!

DENMARK: Michelle Lauritsen. Denmark's leotard for a couple of year's now IIRC??

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Yamilet Pena Abreu (FIG-Photos). Unique patterning and stunning colours.

EGYPT: Salma Mahmoud El Said Mohamed (Reuters Pictures), Nancy Mohamed Taman (Getty Images). Lovely leotards!!


GUATEMALA: Alexa Grande Franco, pictured by Reuters Pictures.


INDONESIA: Dewi Prahara 



ICELAND: Thelma Rut Hermannsdottir, Agnes Suto and Dominiqua Alma Belanyi. Image from


JAMAICA: Toni Ann Williams



MALAYSIA: Farah Ann Abdul Hadi



NEW ZEALAND: Jordan Rae 

PERU: Ana Lucia Sarango Castillo

POLAND: Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Paula Plichta and Gabriela Janik


PUERTO RICO: Image by Thomas Schreyer from his official website. Paula Mejias Rodriguez is wearing the most beautiful and elegant looking leotard.

QATAR: Aljazy Al-Habshi and Shaden Wohdan

SOUTH AFRICA: Image by Blythe Lawrence/The Gymnastics Examiner.



SWEDEN: Ida Gustafsson 

CHINESE TAIPEI: Hsiang Han Mai Liu 


TURKEY: Goksu Uctas 

VIETNAM: Phan Thi Ha Thanh 

AUSTRALIA: Lauren Mitchell from Getty Images. Lovely shade of colour on this leotard! Better than the pinkish maroon looking one.

BELGIUM: Lisa Verschueren (Image by Thomas Schreyer). Gorgeous leotard from the Belgians. Patriotic and stylish.

BRAZIL: Daniele Hypolito (Image by Thomas Schreyer). A very pretty leotard from the Brazilians.

CANADA: Peng Peng Lee (Image by Getty Images). I heart this leotard.

CHINA: SUI Lu (Image by Getty Images). Elegant leotard from the Chinese.

SPAIN - Image from Getty Images of Maria Paula Vargas. Okay so say what you may but I simply adore this leotard, but however it is patriotic although I would love to have seen a long sleeve leotard from the Spanish.

FRANCE - Image of Sophia Serseri by Getty Images. Love, love, love this leotard.

GREAT BRITAIN - Image from Getty Images. Jennifer Pinches. I love this leotard. The gold Union Jack on the sleeves and the back. Very elegant looking.

GERMANY - Image from Getty Images. It's growing on me. Not too sure about the zigzagging patterning. It is getting better.

GREECE - Image by Volker Minkus. Pictured is Vasiliki Millousi. Greece always have such interesting leotards, this being one of them. When I first saw it, I was a bit like hmmm but I must admit it is growing on me.

HUNGARY - Dorina Boczogo by Volker Minkus ( Stunning leotard. I don't usually like leotards with stripes on the arms, but this actually works!

ITALY - Photo from Getty Images of Emily Armi. This is an Italian leotard in which I actually love! Very pretty and colourful.

JAPAN - Koko Tsurumi pictured here courtesy of Getty Images. Now do not get me started about how busy the Japanese leotards are, but then again it's their style and it works!

KOREA - Image from Fig-Photos. Seon Mi Heo. Interesting leotard design... it actually works though!!

MEXICO - Photo from Getty Images. Lovely, elegant looking leotard from the Mexicans. This leotard is special for another reason.... it was designed by team members Marisela Cantu Mata and Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas.

NETHERLANDS - Photo from Getty Images. Joy Rianne Goedkoop on Floor Exercise. I love this Dutch leotard, very bright and happy looking!

ROMANIA - Image from Getty Images. Courtesy of Daylife. Diana Laura Bulimar. Simple and elegant leotard.

RUSSIA -  Image from courtesy of AP Photo. Viktoria Komova on Balance Beam. I love the patterning on this leotard. Red and blue must be the in colours this year.

SLOVENIA - Image of Fiona Novak by Volker Minkus from Stunning and striking leotard.

SWITZERLAND - Image of Giulia Steingruber from the Swiss Federation website. Image taken by Volker Minkus. Love this leotard.... it is quite pretty, although not too sure of the mesh sleeves.

UKRAINE - Image by Volker Minkus from of Yana Demyanchuk. I actually really love the Ukrainian leotard! Very pretty and striking colours.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Image by John Cheng from USAG website. I really like this leotard and love the patterning on the shoulders, however I am not a fan of the patterning in the middle. Looks a little out of place. Stunning shade of red too.

UZBEKISTAN - Luisa Galiulina. IMAGE BY THOMAS SCHREYER. Beautiful leotard by the Uzbekistan women. Not too sure about the blue patterning on it, but I think it adds a little something to it.

VENEZUELA (Image of Jessica Lopez from FIG official website). Love it! Sparkly and patriotic! Plus it looked lovely on all members of the team.

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