15 Operations In 6 Weeks

11:35 PM

In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, published on the 25th of February, 2012, Mickael Bouhail, the brother of French Gymnast Thomas Bouhail told the press that his brother is fighting to walk again after undergoing 15 operations in just six weeks. It has been two months since Bouhail, the 2010 World Championships Vault Champion fractured his leg after falling from the Horizontal Bar on Christmas Eve. You can see some of the article below or go to www.smh.com.au and search for Gymnastics. Speedy recovery to Thomas.
But the complex nature of his injury, which affected knee ligaments and the sciatic nerve, led to several complications in the days after the accident.  
"The question that was posed at Christmas was whether or not Thomas would participate at the Olympic Games this summer. A few days later, the doctors suddenly told us that they would put in every effort to save his leg," Mickael Bouhail told a news conference.
His leg was saved but only after some of the muscles were removed.
"Initially, Thomas arrived for a knee operation and hospitalisation for several days. He will have stayed for six weeks and will have undergone 15 operations to the block under general anaesthetic," his brother said, adding that a "delayed diagnosis" led to "disastrous consequences for Thomas."
After leaving hospital on February 4, the double European vault champion remains "in shock".
Having had no choice but to withdraw from the London Games this summer, the future of France's first and only world champion -- Bouhail won gold in the vault in 2010 -- remains in doubt.
"A few weeks ago, we were light years away from asking the question, if he would resume gymnastics or not. From now on, where his leg has been saved, all hope is permitted," Mickael Bouhail said.

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