Danell Leyva, and Universal Gymnastics on TV

5:02 AM

Okay, now I sincerely apologize because I do not speak Spanish and therefore I am unable to translate what is said in the video.My friend Taijaneissa, who is my Spanish speaking guru directed me to the link, which you will find below, as she loves this show (El Show de Fernando Hidalgo)! However, she is at College all day today and will not be able to do it, until I hunt her down! Anyways, it's really lovely to watch, of course the focus appears to be on Danell and Yin, however there are some adorable up and comers who demonstrate their skills! Looks like a lot of fun and lovely to see a large number of the Universal Gymnastics community whom it looks as though turned out for the taping. Even if you cannot understand Spanish, make sure you watch it to check out Danell Leyva's dance ability!

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