Bucher and Capelli To Duel It Out Once More

12:00 AM

The Switzerland Women's participation spot at the 2012 Olympic Games was confirmed earlier this week as belonging to Giulia Steingruber. The Men's place, which will either belong to the Man who turns 26 in November, Claudio Capelli or to the Man who turn 23-years-old in December, Pascal Bucher. The answer is set to be revealed after they compete in the final test which is scheduled to be held in Macolin on the 30th of June.

The most recent test was at the 2012 German National Championships where they both competed as guests. Capelli competed in the All Around, scoring a formidable 86.800, whilst Bucher opted to drop Still Rings and Horizontal Bar earning himself a score of 50.100 for the four events.

From the article on the Swiss Gymnastics Federation website:

"Nothing much happened." Düsseldorf has been the worst competition of my life. I should work on all the equipment, but the four months of injuries have left traces. I don't know what will happen. I must speak with my coaches to see if it makes sense to participate in the competition test on June 30. "Perhaps the best solution would be to completely heal the injured shoulder", said a somewhat shot Pascal Bucher.

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