Aly Raisman's Olympic Journey Thrills Family

3:29 AM

The New England Sports Network Online or has featured a fantastic article on Alexandra Raisman and her biggest supporters, her family. The article which also includes a video interview with Alexandra is really sweet and makes you appreciate the dedication and support that families give to their children who compete at the elite level. Check out the article here: And here's a little sneak peek:

When asked what the younger siblings think about the excitement around their older sister, the parents were sure to mention that this is a victory for the entire family as well. "[The other kids] are excited," Rick said. "I mean, my son is 16 so he gets it a lot more than the younger girls. So he's into it. He watches every single second and wants to go to every single meet. He's one of her biggest fans, by far." 
The younger sisters -- Chloe at 12, Madison at 10 -- don't have quite the same understanding yet. 
"It's different," Lynn said. "They’re just kind of like, 'Oh, this is what she does.'"

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