And the MAG Individual You Are Most Excited For....

9:52 AM


Zonderland received 8 votes for 36% of the total votes. Thanks everyone for voting. Hungarian Pommel Horse maestro Krisztian Berki of Hungary was second with 27% of the votes (6 votes). Brazil's Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti and Chile's Enrique Tomas Gonzalez Sepulveda tied for third with 5 votes each (22% of total each). Diego Hypolito received 18% of the votes, as too did Bulgaria's Iordan Iotchev, Mexican Daniel Coral Barron, Israel's Alexander Shatilov and Kieran Behan of Ireland. Syque Caesar who will be representing Bangladesh received 3 votes for 13%. Brazil's Sergio Sasaki Junior received 9% of your votes, along with Colombia Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez and Poland's Roman Kulesza. Whilst Argentina's Federico Molinari, Australian Joshua Jefferis, Greece's Vasileios Tsolakidis, Vid Hidvegi of Hungary, Felix Aronovich of Israel, Dmitrijs Trefilovs of Latvia, Manuel Almeida Campos of Portugal, Tommy Ramos of Puerto Rico, Wadji Bouallegue of Tunisia and Vietnam's Pham Phuoc Hung all received 4% of your votes.

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