Fashion from the Event Finals

5:28 PM

I love leotards! But I guess you are all starting to figure that out by now? 


Alexandra Raisman (UNITED STATES) - Photo from Getty Images. Now I know that I did not need to include multiple images of this leotard, but I love it so much! My favorite from the entire Olympic competition. 

Catalina Ponor (ROMANIA) - Image courtesy of Reuters Pictures. Love the colors and patterning on this leotard!

Aliya Mustafina (RUSSIA) - I must admit, the patterning on this leotard has grown on me! Photo courtesy of AP Photo

Vanessa Ferrari (ITALY) - The color of the leotard is lovely, as too is the patterning. Still not used to seeing the one sleeved leotard with cut out on the other shoulder. Maybe she is hoping to start a trend? Photo courtesy of Reuters Pictures.

Lauren Mitchell (AUSTRALIA) - Pink and black variation of the leotard from qualifications. Love it! Photo from Getty Images.

Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUSSIA) - Am loving this leotard from the Russians. Photo courtesy of Reuters Pictures.

Jordyn Wieber (UNITED STATES) - Leotard review above. Photo from Reuters Pictures.

Sandra Raluca Izbasa (ROMANIA) - Love the blue version of the leo she wore in the Vault EF. Photo from AP Photo. 

DENG Linlin (CHINA) - Love, love, love this leotard! Very pretty and suited to the Olympics. Photo from Getty Images.

SUI  Lu (CHINA) - Stunning leotard! Photo from Reuters Pictures.

Alexandra Raisman (UNITED STATES) - What can I say I adore this leotard! Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Catalina Ponor (ROMANIA) - See above. (Photo from Reuters Pictures)

Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUSSIA) - See above. Photo courtesy of Getty Images. 

Larisa Andreea Iordache (ROMANIA) - Much prefer it with the blue, but that is just my opinion. Photo courtesy of AP Photo. 

Gabrielle Douglas (UNITED STATES) - I do so love this leotard in the white! Photo from Getty Images.

Victoria Komova (RUSSIA) - See review on Afanasyeva's leotard above. Photo from AP Photo. 

Aliya Mustafina (RUSSIA) - See above review. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

HE Kexin (CHINA) - Love the color combination of this leotard. Makes it look very stylish and sleek. Photo from AP Photo. 

Elizabeth Tweddle (GREAT BRITAIN) - I like the shades of blue but not sure about the patterning? Photo from Reuters Pictures.

YAO Jinnan (CHINA) - Love this leotard in the white with the red swirls. Very classy looking. Photo from AP Photo.

Victoria Komova (RUSSIA) - Lovely this leotard. Very stylish. Photo courtesy of AP Photo. 

Elisabeth Seitz (GERMANY) - Love this leotard! Especially with the long sleeves. Very classy. Photo courtesy of AP Photo. 

Koko Tsurumi (JAPAN) - Still think this is the most patriotic and fitting leotard. Photo from Reuters Pictures.

Gabrielle Douglas (UNITED STATES) - Loving the leotard in silver, such a unique coloring! Photo from Getty Images.

Sandra Raluca Izbasa (ROMANIA) - What an interesting leotard. I love the color combination! Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

McKayla Maroney (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) - Lovely in white!! Image courtesy of Reuters Pictures.

Maria Paseka (RUSSIA) - Love the patterning on this leotard. Photo courtesy of Reuters.

Janine Berger (GERMANY) - Still love this leotard, in which Janine and the rest of team Germany wore in Qualifications. Photo from Getty Images.

Oksana Chusovitina (GERMANY) - Love this leotard. Kinda bummed she didn't medal. Photo from Reuters

Yamilet Pena Abreu (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) - Love the coloring of this leotard! Photo from Getty Images

Brittany Rogers (CANADA) - So I didn't need to put the image on here as her and Ellie wore the same one but I do so love this leotard. Photo from Reuters Pictures.

Elsabeth Black (CANADA) - Still love this leotard!! Photo from Getty Images. 

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