Leo Recap - Women's Team Final

4:45 AM

Another recap for you all.... today looking at the Women's Team Final leotards! 

Kyla Ross (USA) - Photos do not do this leotard justice! I love this leotard. It has very lovely patterning and is quite stylish. (Image from Getty Images). 

Victoria Komova (RUSSIA) - Love the colors on this leotard but am not totally in love with the patterning. I don't know, it might just be me. (Image from Reuters)

Catalina Ponor (ROMANIA) - This is an interesting leotard design! I am not sure if I like the ribboning on the sleeves. (Image courtesy of Getty Images).

HUANG Qiushuang (CHINA) - I love this leotard. (Photo from Getty Images).

TEAM CANADA (Elsabeth Black, Dominique Pegg, Kristina Vaculik, Brittany Rogers, Victoria Moors) - My favorite leotard from the Team Final! (Image courtesy of Reuters)

Elizabeth Tweddle (GREAT BRITAIN) - Lovely leotard, very sleek. (Photo from Getty Images)

Erika Fasana (ITALY) - I am a huge fan of the Italian leotards of recent times, this being one of my favorite of theirs. 

Rie Tanaka (JAPAN) - Very patriotic and striking leotard.

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