After Aly's Olympic Glory, gymnasts stream to local gym

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Puerto Rico's Lorena Quinones Moreno is now training at Brestyan's.
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An article on the Boston Globe published on the 6th of October 2012, talks about how busy life has been for Mihai Brestyan and his team at Brestyan's American Gymnastics since coming back from the London Olympics. The full article, can be read at: But you can see see two of the main quotes below. Brestyan also reveals that Puerto Rico's Lorena Quinones Moreno now trains at his gym, joining fellow International gymnasts - Venezuelan Alexandra Avendano and of course Aya Mahgoub who represents Egypt. 

Mihai talks about how busy it has been, stating that:
“You are here like in a Metro station, in and out,” said Mihai Brestyan, who with his wife, Silvia, founded Brestyan’s American Gymnastics a dozen years ago and is trying to figure out ways to keep everything under one roof, especially now that they’ve started a boys program.
Ever since star pupil Aly Raisman came back from the Olympics seven weeks ago with a couple of gold medals, Brestyan’s has been jammed with everyone from toddlers to transfers, the numbers doubling to nearly 700. “The problem we have is to find very quick more coaches to keep the standard,” said Brestyan. “Because you expect the gym to grow but not to grow so fast. You need to have good instructors to make sure that everyone is doing their job.”
The Brestyans have 15 tutors now, supervising everything from the Mom and Me program to the elite level, which produced both Raisman and predecessor Alicia Sacramone, who won a team silver medal in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Sacramone’s comeback from a torn Achilles’ tendon fell short of Olympus last summer. Raisman is with her gilded London teammates on the 40-city Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions.
And also looks to the future saying:
Raisman may continue, take a sabbatical of a year or more, or retire and go to college. Talia Chiarelli, the other elite gymnast at Brestyan’s, who moved from Ontario in 2006 when father Peter became the Bruins general manager, will join Michigan’s varsity team next year. 

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