Yang Hak-Seon Named as 1 of 3 2015 Gwangju Ambassadors

10:23 PM

(Image from Inside The Games)

South Korean London Olympic Games medalists, Eun-Sook (Second from left; Member of the Women's Epee silver medal team), Yang Hak-Seon (Third from the left; Men's Vault Gold medalist) and Bo-Bae (Third from the right, won Women's Individual Archery Gold) have been named as Ambassadors for the 2015 Gwangju Universiade. You can see more information here, but from the article:

Gwangju 2015 said: "Yang, Ki and Choi are closely related to Gwangju and have obtained a world-wide reputation. 
"At the same time, they will be very active in their own fields at least until 2015.
"Therefore, their participation in various sports competitions in and out of South Korea will naturally contribute to raising the public awareness of Gwangju Universiade."

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