Who's Participating At the Chetkovich Cup?

6:56 PM

Gymnastics Western Australia and e-Event Promotions have announced the participants for the inaugural Chetkovich Cup. The Chetkovich Cup is set to take place on the 26th of October at Challenge Stadium. The Chetkovich Cup brings together athletes from the seven Gymnastics disciplines - Women's Artistic, Men's Artistic, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sport Aerobics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Trampoline Sports, and Cheerleading. According to the GWA website (http://www.gymnasticswa.asn.au/?ID=25466) "athletes will be ranked 1 to 36 in ability and allocated to one of the six teams at our Team Selection Evening on October 10th, ensuring teams compete with even ability. The teams will then compete against each other, pinning athletes from different gymnastics disciplines against one another." Mention must also be made of  Women's Artistic Gymnasts Nikky Chung and Georgia Simpson who are Chetkovich Cup Ambassadors - whilst they won't be competing on the night they will be around for autographs. And also to Matt Goonatillake who will be doing a half-time display on the Balance Beam! Totally exciting stuff!! 

  • Lauren Mitchell (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Emily Little (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Olivia Vivian (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)
  • Janine Murray (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
  • Samantha Elkington (Sport Aerobics)
  • Megan Davies (Trampoline Sports)
  • Franceska Fusha - 2012 IDP10 National Champion
  • Paige James - 2012 IDP8 National Champion
  • Molly McKenzie - Junior International Gymnast
  • Nikky Smith - Set to perform her final routine before retiring
  • Eloise Valli - Injured prior to 2012 Nationals. Level 10 Gymnast.
  • Elliott Cook - WA's Pommel Horse star! Senior International Gymnast. 
  • Joshua DiNucci - 2012 WA State Level 9 U16 Champion; 13th in Level 9 U16 at 2012 National Championships.
  • Mitchell Nylander - Senior International Still Rings and Pommel Horse specialist. 
  • Blaz Puljic - Incredible Gymnastics talent!
  • Maximilian Woloszyn - Competed on 4 apparatuses at 2012 MAG HPC Invitational 
  • Amy Quinn - 2012 Junior International AA National Champion, 2nd at 2012 WA State Championships.
  • Neisha Rizzo - 8th AA at 2012 National Championships, 2012 WA State AA Champion
  • Alexandra Synnerdahl - 2012 Level 7 International State and National Champion
  • Cody-Sue Turco - 5th AA in National Level 10 competition at 2012 National Championships
  • Chelsea Carroll - 2nd in International Senior at 2012 National Championships
  • Catriona Cowden - 5th in International Senior at 2012 National Championships
  • Giveney How - 2012 International Age Group 1 National Champion
  • Cairo Leicester - 2012 International Age Group 2 National Champion
  • Zoe Tisdale - 3rd in International Senior at 2012 National Championships
  • Spirit Aerodance Senior - 2012 Aerodance Senior National Champions
  • Jednorog Int. 11-16 - Stefanie Bruder, Ava Delahunty and Lia McEwan
  • Spirit Level 7B
  • Spirit Level 7A
  • Jayden Cooney - Set to compete in U17 TRP, DMT and Synchro at the Indopacific Trampoline Championships.
  • Evie Kierath - Retired World Age Group World Champion
  • Joshua Mobbs - 12th in Senior Trampoline at 2012 National Championships
  • Elliot Stratton - Set to compete as a guest competitor at the Indopacific Trampoline Championships
  • Abbie Watts - 15th in Junior Women's Trampoline at 2012 National Championships. Set to compete at the Indopacific Trampoline Championships in U17 Trampoline and Synchro.
  • Starmites Desire
  • Starmite Starz

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