Qualification at the Aerobics World Cup - Kufstein

9:15 PM

Qualification Rounds have been completed for the FIG Category B Aerobic Gymnastics World Cup in Kufstein, Austria. Austria's own Lubov Gazov topped the Individual Women's qualification with Russian Oxana Trukhacheva and France's Aurelie Joly rounding out the top three. In the Individual Men's qualification, Benjamin Garavel of France dominated with CHE Lei (CHN) and France's Maxime Decker-Breitel making up the top three qualifiers. France's Aurelie Joly and Julien Chaninet combined to top the Mixed Pairs. In the absence of the French Trio, China's trio consisting of WU Yongjun, CHE Lei and TAO Ie came out on top, whilst 

  1. Lubov Gazov (AUT) 20.750
  2. Oxana Trukhacheva (RUS) 19.800
  3. Aurelie Joly (FRA) 19.750
  4. Andrea Cvachova (CZE) 19.450
  5. Christina Ioannidou (GRE) 19.200
  6. Laura Viherva (FIN); Monika Gerzova (CZE) 18.950

  7. YU Yangyang (CHN) 18.625
  8. SHI Deli (CHN) 16.600
  9. Maria Annlouise Othzen Johansson (SWE) 14.300
  10. Seema Mehra (IND) 13.650
  1. Benjamin Garavel (FRA) 21.150
  2. CHE Lei (CHN) 20.925
  3. Maxime Decker-Breitel (FRA) 20.600
  4. WANG Zizhuo (CHN) 20.350
  5. Igor Trushkov (RUS) 19.600
  6. Balazs Farkas (HUN) 19.500
  7. Anton Shishlgin (RUS) 18.950
  8. Tlhakiso Mafona (RSA) 18.600
  9. Samrat Paul (IND) 15.150
  1. Aurelie Joly/Julien Chaninet (FRA) 21.575
  2. Elena Rosca/Tiago Faquinha (POR) 20.350
  3. MA Xiang/YU Yangyang (CHN) 19.300
  4. TAO Ie/SHI Deli (CHN) 18.850
  1. WU Yongjun, CHE Lei, TAO Ie (CHN) 21.550
  2. ZOU Yan, WANG Zizhou, MA Xiang (CHN) 20.800
  3. Kristyna Bernatova, Andrea Cvachova, Monika Gerzova (CZE) 18.853
  4. Sagar Jagiwala, Vasu Bidiwala, Sagar Bidiwala (IND) 10.000
  1. SHI Wei, XIONG Deliang, FANG Shiwei, HUANG Zijing, JIA Shuodong, JIANG Erhu (CHN) 19.250
  2. TAO Le, CHE Lei, WU Yongjun, Qin Yong, TU Zitong, DENG Xiaoxiao (CHN) 18.300

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