Welsh Artistic Gymnastics Championships

4:35 AM

The 2013 Welsh Artistic Apparatus Gymnastics Championships, will be held at the Sport Wales National Center on Saturday the 23rd of February and Sunday the 24th of February. The competition also incorporates the National Development Plan and National Grades competition. A total of 88 gymnasts are set to participate in the Championships which has been opened to allow gymnasts from clubs in England to compete. The Senior competition is set to be fierce, with last year's champions Jessica Hogg and Clinton Purnell hoping to defend their titles. The Junior and Seniors will contest the event on the 24th.
  • Angel Romaeo (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Lizzie Beddoe (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Raer Theaker (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Jessica Hogg (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Georgina Hockenhull (Park Wrekin)
  • Ffion Byrne (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Georgia Cooper (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Jasmine Reed-Yang (The Academy/England)
  • Ruby Harrold (The Academy/England)
  • Hollie Moore (The Academy)
  • Lucy Brett (The Academy/England)
  • Sophie Jameson (The Academy/England)
  • Maisie Dodds (The Academy/England)
  • Charlotte Bennett (The Academy/England)
  • Rebecca Moore (Phoenix)
  • Rhyannon Jones (Park Wrekin)
  • Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Amy Wyatt (C.C.Y.C.)
  • Caitlin Dyer (Waveney/England)
  • Sophie May (Phoenix)
  • Imogen Chan (The Academy)
  • April Maslen (The Academy)
  • Latalia Bevan (St. Tydfils)
  • Maisie Methuen (Phoenix)
  • Harriet Moore (Phoenix)
  • Annaliese Evans (Phoenix)
  • Sasha Winton (Phoenix)
  • Eloise Aitken (The Academy)
  • Abigail Solari (The Academy/England)
  • Phoebe Turner (The Academy/England)
  • Caitlin Tsang (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Bethany Lavelle (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Honour Sheard (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Ella Cooper (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Rebecca Jones (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Ellese Oates (Park Wrekin/England)
  • Grant Gardiner (Woking)
  • Jac Davies (Swansea)
  • Josh Gallagher (Swansea)
  • Harry Owen (Loughborough)
  • Clinton Purnell (Barry YMCA)
  • Iwan Mepham (Barry YMCA)
  • Joseph Rowlands (Barry YMCA)
  • Ben Dennis (Barry YMCA)
  • Clarke Gould (Waveney/England)
  • Mukunda Measuria (Manx/Isle of Man)
  • Lawrence Godseu (Manx/Isle of Man)
  • Anand Patel (Manx/Isle of Man)
  • Nathan Mullett (Vale)

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