Universiade Event Finals

4:37 AM

Today marks the final day of the Artistic Gymnastics competition of the 2013 Summer Universiade which is being held at the Kazan Gymnastics Center. The Start Lists for tonight's finals, can be seen at: http://chimgym.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/start-lists-for-universiade-event-finals.html. It should be a fantastic evening of competition! Can I say how lovely it is to be able to see footage from the training gym. What a horrible time Denis Ablyazin had on the Floor Exercise - a few times out of bounds on passes and low landings. Fabian Hambuechen is such a wonderful sportsman, shaking everyone's hands - lovely to see. Japan's Ryohei Kato performed a lovely routine to earn the Floor Exercise title over Fabian Hambuechen (GER) and David Belyavskiy (RUS).

The Women are wearing some lovely leotards. Poor Anna Dementyeva is sitting in the stands all by herself. Maria Paseka is wearing a mostly white leotard with blue down the sleeves and across the top with three with stripes on either side with diamantes. She looks very pleased. Moreno Medina is wearing a white sleeved leo with red on the bottom half with blue? diagonal stripes seperating the colors. Her coach looks overjoyed for her! Lovely red leo for Afanasyeva. I never noticed her crossing herself before. Elsabeth Black is wearing the teal? colored Canadian Olympic leo. Sleeveless leos for the PRK Gymnasts, both in red with blue and white swirls. Poor RI Un Ha crashes her second Vault. Bui wears the flamey version of the German leo. Teja Belak wears a white sleeved, pink bottomed leo that has a white explosion pattern on the pink. HONG Un Jong (PRK) and Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) tie for the gold with Maria Paseka (RUS) earning the bronze.

I have a confession to make. Whilst I love watching the Men's Pommel Horse competition, I do find watching their warm ups on the apparatus a little tedious due to the constant adjustments being made. Japan's Ryohei Kato replaces Russian Emin Garibov in the Final. Oleg Verniaiev had some problems on the apparatus whilst Shogo Nonomura (JPN) had a fall.Oh wow Filip Ude of Croatia had a major mistake and jumped off the Pommel Horse. There was a moment of confusion before he remounted and finished the routine. Nikolai Kuksenkov of Russia earns his second Individual Gold medal over Mexico's Daniel Corral Barron and Ukraine's Oleg Stepko.

Fantastic routine from Aliya Mustafina. Lovely to see Kim Bui smiling and happy. Yu Minobe of Japan is wearing a lovely blue and white leotard with a hint of gold and silver. Tatiana Nabieva is in the lovely green  and white leotard with silver patterning. Happy smiles and waves after her routine and a nice bow for the camera. Lisa Katharina Hill is wearing a similar leo to Bui but the patterning around the neck. Maryna Kostiuchenko is wearing a plain black sleeveless leotard with green around collar and sleeve and silver explosion from the chest, counts a fall. Seon Mi Heo is wearing a lovely white sleeveless leotard with blue and red explosion pattern. Mustafina takes out the Uneven Bars honors over compatriot Tatiana Nabieva and Germany's Lisa Katharina Hill.

Two incredible routines to start off the Still Rings final. Absolutely sensational routine from Brazilian Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti. No one could best Zanetti who topped Russian Denis Ablyazin and Ukrainian Igor Radivilov for the title.

And we are back for the second half. I love seeing how in awe all of YANG Hak Seon's competitors are. Poor Tomi Tuuha of Finland landed on his back on his second vault. Kazakhstan's Stanislav Valiyev also had a disappointing second Vault after putting his hands down. His compatriot Viktor Kocherin sat down his first Vault. There was no question that this was YANG's title to win. Ablyazin took the silver with Radivilov earning the bronze.

Anna Dementyeva is wearing the stunning blue leotard with diamantes. PAK Sin Hyang is wearing a sleeveless pink leotard with diamante patterning like an explosion on the side. Pia Tolle is wearing the same leotard as as Lisa Katharina Hill was wearing. Solid start to Dementyeva's routine until she fell on her acro series. Sakura Noda is wearing the red variation of Minobe's leotard. Fall for Noda. Rocky routine for Mustafina but she managed to stay on. Two falls for Minobe, it kind of looked as though after the first fall that her heart wasn't in it. China's ZHANG Yelinzi performed a rock solid Balance Beam routine to win the title over Russian Aliya Mustafina and Canadian Elsabeth Black who finished second and third respectively.

Onto the Men's Parallel Bars. And again it seems like they take forever to warm up! Great set from Oleg Verniaiev although he looked a little sore afterwards. And it is a Russian 1-2 on the Podium as Emin Garibov tops the field over David Belayavskiy with Ukraine's Verniaiev taking third place.

Danusia Francis is wearing top white/bottom blue leotard. Stunning leotard for Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas whilst Angelina Kysla of Ukraine is wearing a red leotard with black detailing. Wooow Afanasyeva goes out of bounds on her final two passes. Deep squat on Mustafina's second tumbling line, an iffy landing on her second last pass and hands down on her final tumbling line. Fantastic routine from Elsa Garcia although out of bounds on her final pass. Afanasyeva manages to hold on for the title. Mexico's Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas and Elsabeth Black of Canada tie for the silver.

Final event for the Artistic Gymnastics program at the 2013 Universiade and it is set to be a phenomenal showdown. Men's Horizontal Bar. Russian Emin Garibov stole the show on the apparatus with Japan's  Yusuke Tanaka edging out compatriot Ryohei Kato for the silver medal.

  1. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) (15.450, 14.800); HONG Un Jong (PRK) (15.175, 15.025) 15.125

  2. Maria Paseka (RUS) (15.450, 14.450) 14.950
  3. Elsabeth Black (CAN) (14.725, 15.000) 14.862
  4. Alexa Citlali Moreno Medina (MEX) (14.875, 14.475) 14.675
  5. RI Un Ha (PRK) (14.900, 13.775) 14.337
  6. Teja Belak (SLO) (14.075, 14.375) 14.225
  7. Kim Bui (GER) (14.000, 13.825) 13.912
  1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 15.200
  2. Tatiana Nabieva (RUS) 14.525
  3. Lisa Katharina Hill (GER) 14.500
  4. Kim Bui (GER) 14.450
  5. KANG Yong Mi (PRK) 14.425
  6. Yu Minobe (JPN) 14.125
  7. Seon Mi Heo (KOR) 13.925
  8. Maryna Kostiuchenko (UKR) 11.775
  1. ZHANG Yelinzi (CHN) 15.150
  2. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 14.525
  3. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 14.400
  4. SIN Hyang Park (PRK) 13.975
  5. Anna Dementyeva (RUS) 13.725
  6. Pia Tolle (GER) 13.300
  7. Sakura Noda (JPN) 13.100
  8. Yu Minobe (JPN) 12.550
  1. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) 14.350
  2. Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (MEX); Elsabeth Black (CAN) 13.750

  3. Kim Bui (GER) 13.700
  4. Yu Minobe (JPN) 13.550
  5. Danusia Francis (GBR) 13.450
  6. Angelina Kysla (UKR) 13.225
  7. Sakura Noda (JPN) 13.050
  8. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 12.875
  1. Ryohei Kato (JPN) 15.450
  2. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 15.275
  3. David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.250
  4. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) 15.150
  5. Thomas Taranu (GER) 14.725
  6. Michael Meier (SUI) 14.425
  7. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) 14.300
  8. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 13.025
  1. Nikolai Kuksenkov (RUS) 15.050
  2. Daniel Corral Barron (MEX) 14.975
  3. Oleg Stepko (UKR) 14.850
  4. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 14.775
  5. Ryohei Kato (JPN) 14.650
  6. Filip Ude (CRO) 14.275
  7. Pericles Fouro Da Silva (BRA) 13.575
  8. Shogo Nonomura (JPN) 12.750
  1. Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti (BRA) 15.875
  2. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) 15.550
  3. Igor Radivilov (UKR) 15.525
  4. Chih Yu Chen (TPE) 15.500
  5. Nikita Ignatyev (RUS) 15.450
  6. WU Guanhua (CHN) 15.350
  7. Shogo Nonomura (JPN) 15.075
  8. Thomas Taranu (GER) 15.000
  1. YANG Hak Seon (KOR) (15.975, 15.600) 15.787
  2. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) (15.325, 15.375) 15.350
  3. Igor Radivilov (UKR) (15.225, 15.249) 15.237
  4. KIM Hee Hoon (KOR) (14.825, 14.775) 14.800
  5. Marek Lyszczarz (POL) (14.950, 14.500) 14.725
  6. Viktor Kocherin (KAZ) (14.175, 14.750) 14.462
  7. Tomi Tuuha (FIN) (14.875, 13.825) 14.350
  8. Stanislav Valiyev (KAZ) (14.900, 13.675) 14.287
  1. Emin Garibov (RUS) 15.875
  2. David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.625
  3. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) 15.575
  4. Ryohei Kato (JPN) 15.550
  5. ZHANG Yang (CHN) 15.300
  6. Oleg Stepko (UKR) 14.950 
  7. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) 14.100
  8. Andrei Vasile Muntean (ROU) 14.075

  1. Emin Garibov (RUS) 16.025
  2. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) 15.550
  3. Ryohei Kato (JPN) 15.275
  4. Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano (BRA) 15.150
  5. Maksym Semiankiv (UKR) 14.975
  6. David Vecsernyes (HUN) 14.650
  7. Paolo Principi (ITA) 14.575
  8. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 14.300

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