Glasgow World Cup

9:12 PM

The 2013 Glasgow World Cup is underway at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. Solid routine for Andrey Likhovitskiy. Massive roar for Daniel Purvis. No major mistakes for him and a very great start to his competition. Another great routine from Spain's Fabian Gonzalez Vidal. Think he was a bit low in some of his landings. I love John Orozco's flairs sequence in his routine. Solid performance, but was his score too low? He looked surprised. Sam Oldham is definitely a firecracker and a great young talent for Great Britain. Very low on his final pass and has to take a large step forward. After the first rotation, Daniel Purvis leads over Ukrainian Oleg Verniaiev. With Gonzalez Vidal and Sam Oldham tied for third. Poor John, he's off on what is usually a strong event for him. His whole rhythm seemed a bit off today earlier in the routine. Love Fabian Gonzalez's personality - he always seems to be smiling. Wow Oleg Verniaiev also comes off the Pommel Horse, and was a bit wild in the dismount. And after two rotations Daniel Purvis leads with Andrey Likhovitskiy and Masayoshi Yamamoto rounding out the top three. Phenomenal Rings routine for Verniaiev. At the halfway mark, Purvis leads over Likhovitskiy and Verniaiev who are tied for second. Oldham's Pommel Horse score has been increased by 0.1. Hop back on the landing for Toba but a solid vault. Huge jump forward for Gonzalez on the Shewfelt. Step off to the side and off the mat on the landing for Yamamoto. Solid vault for Likhovitskiy. Massive vault from Verniaiev!! With two rotations to go, Purvis leads over Oleg Verniaiev and Andrey Likhovitskiy. Solid routine for Toba on the Parallel Bars. Phenomenal routine for Orozco!! Verniaiev starts his routine on the Parallel Bars and jumps off due to a problem with the settings of the apparatus. And it looks as though he gets to restart his entire routine again. Heading into the final rotation, Verniaiev leads over Purvis and Likhovitskiy. Fall for Toba to start the final rotation and lands on his knees on the dismount. Tremendous routine for Oldham. However it was Oleg Verniaiev who pulled out a great routine on the Horizontal Bar, who claimed the victory in Glasgow. Daniel Purvis finished second, followed by Andrey Likhovitskiy whose Horizontal Bar routine was a standout performance.

And here come the Women. Teramoto is wearing a very stunning half-sleeved leotard, love the sparkles. Vanessa Ferrari - love, love, love her leo - red and black with white diamantes... very elegant. Ruby Harrold wears white sleeved, blue bodied leo with yellow patterning across front with diamantes. My housemate says it looks like something that we would see a Ukrainian gymnast wear. I like it though! Roxana Popa Nedelcu wears another elegant looking leotard. Carlotta Ferlito wears another elegant but busy looking leotard.... I like it! Larisa Andreea Iordache wears the stunning blue leotard she wore in Stuttgart. Our first look at Raer Theaker! She wears a lovely version of the patriotic leotard that I so adore. It's unique. Elizabeth Price looks lovely in purple. Oh wow, a stumble back for Price on the landing. After the first rotation, Iordache leads over Teramoto with Price sitting in third. Theaker comes off the Bars, but a solid routine otherwise. Ruby Harrold also comes off on the low bar. Massive hop back on the landing for Ferlito and a big save on the transition to the low bar. Solid routine for Ferrari! Superb routine from Price!! And at the halfway mark for the Women, Iordache has a 0.1 point lead over Ebee with Teramoto in third. A few bobbles for Raer but a solid routine. A few bobbles for Harrold but she managed to stay on. Fall for Ferlito on her acro series and a couple of bobbles throughout. Solid routine from Popa Nedelcu. Solid routine from Vanessa. Asuka started off the routine strong, loved her turn sequence but came off on her acro series. Solid routine from Elizabeth. I love Ebee's gloves!! Oh wow Larisa's foot misses the beam on the round-off full twist and she comes off. Headed into the final rotation, Iordache leads over Price and Ferrari. Solid routine to finish for Raer. Nice finish for Ruby, just a couple of steps out of bounds. There were some standout routines on the Floor to finish the competition but Larisa Andreea Iordache claimed victory over Ebee with Vanessa Ferrari picking up the bronze. 

  1. Larisa Andreea Iordache (ROU) (14.766, 14.400, 14.100, 14.666) 57.932
  2. Elizabeth Price (USA) (14.233, 14.833, 13.833, 14.466) 57.365
  3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) (14.133, 14.100, 13.900, 14.500) 56.633
  4. Asuka Teramoto (JPN) (14.533, 13.933, 13.200, 13.200) 54.866
  5. Roxana Popa Nedelcu (ESP) (13.166, 13.933, 13.133, 14.300) 54.532
  6. Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) (13.766, 13.100, 12.600, 12.400) 51.866
  7. Ruby Harrold (GBR) (13.500, 12.633, 12.266, 13.033) 51.432
  8. Raer Theaker (GBR) (13.333, 11.633, 13.166, 12.500) 50.632
  1. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) (14.800, 14.033, 15.266, 15.166, 15.633, 14.900) 89.798
  2. Daniel Purvis (GBR) (15.433, 14.633, 14.966, 15.000, 14.533, 14.566) 89.131
  3. Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR) (14.533, 15.333, 14.233, 14.366, 15.066, ) 88.597
  4. John Orozco (USA) (14.433, 13.566, 14.900, 14.833, 15.433, 13.866) 87.031
  5. Fabian Gonzalez Vidal (ESP) (14.666, 14.533, 13.700, 14.866, 14.366, 14.666) 86.797
  6. Masayoshi Yamamoto (JPN) (14.633, 14.966, 14.366, 14.200, 14.200, 14.200) 86.565 
  7. Sam Oldham (GBR) (14.666, 14.000, 14.466, 14.466, 14.500, 14.233) 86.331
  8. Andreas Toba (GER) (13.700, 14.066, 14.533, 14.733, 14.466, 12.233) 83.731

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