Michigan Wins Big 10 Title; Mable, Sampson and Wong Score 10.0's

5:45 PM

The University of Michigan Women took out the Team Title at the 2014 Big 10 Championships over the University of Nebraska and the University of Minnesota. Minnesota Sophomore Lindsay Mable took out the All Around honors over the University of Nebraska's Sophomore Hollie Blanske and Michigan Senior Joanna Sampson. Mable became only the second gymnast in the program's history to score a perfect 10 in any event when she did just that to take out the Vault title (Carolyn Yernberg did it in 2002 on the Vault). Sampson took out the Uneven Bars title whilst Nebraska Senior Emily Wong took out the Balance Beam honors. Sampson and Wong tied for the Floor Exercise honors after they both scored Perfect 10.0's.

  • Big 10 Coach of the Year: Meg Stephenson (University of Minnesota)
  • Big 10 Gymnast of the Year: Emily Wong (University of Nebraska)
  • Big 10 Freshman of the Year: Nicole Artz (University of Michigan)

  1. University of Michigan (49.350, 49.400, 49.100, 49.700) 197.550
  2. University of Nebraska (49.325, 49.200, 48.925, 49.500) 196.950
  3. University of Minnesota (49.375, 48.975, 48.975, 49.350) 196.675
  4. University of Illinois-Champaign (49.100, 49.225, 48.975, 49.325) 196.625
  5. Pennsylvania State University (49.250, 49.300, 48.500, 49.425) 196.475
  6. Ohio State University (49.000, 49.150, 49.000, 49.250) 196.400
  7. University of Iowa (49.025, 48.650, 48.475, 49.225) 195.375
  8. Michigan State University (48.325, 48.825, 48.225, 49.125) 194.500
  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 39.650
  2. Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 39.600
  3. Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 39.550
  4. Krystal Welsh (Penn State) 39.500
  5. Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Kassidy Stauder (Penn State) 39.425

  6. Nicole Artz (Michigan) 39.375
  7. Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 39.350
  8. Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 39.325
  9. Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 39.250

  10. Alina Cartwright (Michigan State) 39.225
  11. Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) 39.175

  12. Tenille Funches (Ohio State) 39.100
  13. Emily Wong (Nebraska) 39.075
  14. Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 39.050
  15. Alie Glover (Iowa) 39.025
  16. Giana O'Connor (Illinois) 38.850
  17. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 38.525
  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 10.000
  2. Austin Sheppard (Michigan) 9.950
  3. Natalie Beilstein (Michigan); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.925

  4. Sarah Miller (Ohio State); Krystal Welsh (Penn State); Emma Sibson (Penn State); Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.900

  5. Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Erin Buchanan (Illinois) 9.875

  6. Jordyn Doherty (Iowa); Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State); Giana O'Connor (Illinois); Mary Jane Horth (Illinois); Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Ariel Martin (Nebraska) 9.850

  7. Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Randi Lau (Penn State) 9.825

  8. Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Alie Glover (Iowa); Ashleigh Edlin (Iowa); Angel Metcalf (Iowa); Desire Stephens (Nebraska); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.800

  9. Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Sydney Hoerr (Iowa); Kassidy Stauder (Penn State); Heather Foley (Illinois); Kylie Schermann (Minnesota) 9.775

  10. Jaine' Van Putten (Ohio State); Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Nicole Artz (Michigan); Lindsay Musgrove (Penn State); Emily Lennon (Illinois) 9.750

  11. Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Kayla Slechta (Minnesota) 9.725

  12. Danielle Levy (Michigan State); Caroline McCrady (Iowa); Talia Chiarelli (Michigan) 9.700

  13. Ashley Noll (Michigan State); Sarah Grady (Ohio State) 9.675

  14. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 9.425
  15. Amber See (Illinois) 9.225
  1. Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 9.925
  2. Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Natalie Beilstein (Michigan); Kassidy Stauder (Penn State); Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.900

  3. Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State); Mary Jane Horth (Illinois); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois); Sunny Kato (Illinois) 9.875

  4. Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Shelby Gies (Michigan); Sydney Hoerr (Iowa); Nicole Medvitz (Penn State); Krystal Welsh (Penn State); Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Amanda Lauer (Nebraska); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.850

  5. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Austin Sheppard (Michigan); Samantha Musto (Penn State) 9.825

  6. Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Maggie Dunn (Ohio State); Alex Witt (Penn State); Giana O'Connor (Illinois); Liz McNabb (Illinois); Desire Stephens (Nebraska); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) 9.800

  7. Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Samantha Kent (Ohio State); Jordan Naleway (Illinois); Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 9.775

  8. Ashley Noll (Michigan State); Brittany Holmes (Michigan State); Sarah Grady (Ohio State); Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 9.750

  9. Mollie Drenth (Iowa) 9.725
  10. Danielle Levy (Michigan State) 9.700
  11. Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.675
  12. Maryah Huntley (Iowa) 9.650
  13. Jordyn Doherty (Iowa) 9.600
  14. Kaitlin Rahon (Minnesota) 9.550
  15. Madie Hanley (Minnesota); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.325

  16. Mackenzie Smith (Michigan State) 8.750
  1. Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.950
  2. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.900

  3. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Nicole Medvitz (Penn State); Kassidy Stauder (Penn State) 9.875

  4. Sarah Miller (Ohio State); Angel Metcalf (Iowa); Krystal Welsh (Penn State); Dusti Russell (Minnesota) 9.850

  5. Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Talia Chiarelli (Michigan); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 9.825

  6. Alex Pace (Michigan State); Maggie Dunn (Ohio State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Shelby Gies (Michigan); Lindsay Williams (Michigan); Reema Zakharia (Michigan); Liz McNabb (Illinois); Mary Jane Horth (Illinois); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois); Sunny Kato (Illinois); Amanda Lauer (Nebraska) 9.800

  7. Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Alie Glover (Iowa); Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Amber See (Illinois); Rachel Haines (Minnesota) 9.775

  8. Kylie Schermann (Minnesota) 9.750
  9. Sarah Grady (Ohio State); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) 9.725

  10. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State); Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 9.700

  11. Caitlin Tanzer (Iowa) 9.600
  12. Ashleigh Edlin (Iowa); Jamie Schleppenbach (Nebraska) 9.550

  13. Giana O'Connor (Illinois); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.300

  14. Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.125
  15. Emma Sibson (Penn State); Justine Cherwink (Minnesota) 9.075

  16. Maryah Huntley (Iowa) 9.025
  17. Holly Ryan (Michigan State) 8.900
  18. Randi Lau (Penn State) 8.750
  1. Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 10.000

  2. Natalie Beilstein (Michigan); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.950

  3. Angel Metcalf (Iowa); Nicole Artz (Michigan); Reema Zakharia (Michigan); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.925

  4. Elena Lagoski (Michigan State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Emma Sibson (Penn State); Lindsay Musgrove (Penn State); Krystal Welsh (Penn State); Giana O'Connor (Illinois); Amber See (Illinois); Kayla Slechta (Minnesota) 9.900

  5. Sarah Miller (Ohio State); Sydney Hoerr (Iowa); Kassidy Stauder (Penn State); Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Kylie Schermann (Minnesota) 9.875

  6. Alex DeLuca (Ohio State); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Randi Lau (Penn State); Jordan Naleway (Illinois); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois); Justine Cherwink (Minnesota); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 9.850

  7. Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Kelsi Eberly (Illinois); Erin Buchanan (Illinois); Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Desire Stephens (Nebraska) 9.825

  8. Danielle Levy (Michigan State); Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Maryah Huntley (Iowa); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State); Jamie Schleppenbach (Nebraska); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) 9.800

  9. Kira Frederick (Michigan State); Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.775

  10. Maggie Dunn (Ohio State) 9.750
  11. Brooke Parker (Michigan) 9.675
  12. Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 9.650
  13. Ashleigh Edlin (Iowa) 9.250

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