New Hampshire Took EAGL Championships Title

8:56 PM

The University of New Hampshire won the Team Title at the 2014 EAGL Championships over the University of Maryland and Rutgers University. North Carolina State University Senior Stephanie Ouellette took out the All Around honors with team mates Brittni Watkins (Sophomore) and Lane Jarred (Junior) tying with New Hampshire Senior Erin Machado. Watkins also picked up the Vault title tying with George Washington University Freshman Chelsea Raineri. The Uneven Bars title was shared by George Washington University Seniors Brittany Doran, Kiera Kenney and Betsy Zander and Maryland Senior Karen Tang. Maryland Junior Stephanie Giameo won the Balance Beam title.


  1. University of New Hampshire (48.875, 48.925, 49.175, 49.400) 196.375
  2. University of Maryland (48.775, 49.050, 48.950, 48.925) 195.700
  3. Rutgers University (48.350, 48.875, 49.100, 48.950) 195.275
  4. North Carolina State University (48.825, 48.125, 49.000, 49.325) 195.275
  5. George Washington University (48.750, 49.175, 47.775, 48.950) 194.650
  6. University of Pittsburgh (48.725, 47.975, 48.950, 48.525) 194.175
  7. University of North Carolina (48.350, 48.725, 47.975, 49.100) 194.150
  8. Towson University (47.675, 48.450, 48.625, 48.625) 193.375


  1. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 39.300
  2. Stephanie Giameo (Maryland) 39.225
  3. Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire) 39.150
  4. Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) 39.125
  5. Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina) 38.950
  6. Brittney Harris (Pittsburgh) 38.825
  7. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 38.725
  8. Haley Watts (North Carolina) 38.575
  9. Kayla Carto (George Washington) 38.500
  10. Samantha Lutz (Towson) 38.475
  11. Lauren Ross (Towson) 38.375


  1. Chelsea Raineri (George Washington); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.850

  2. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire); Kathy Tang (Maryland); Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Maebelle Pacheco (Pittsburgh) 9.825

  3. Hannah Barile (New Hampshire); Nikola Chung (Maryland); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh) 9.800

  4. Kayla Carto (George Washington); Elena Corcoran (George Washington); Stephanie Giameo (Maryland); Brittney Harris (Pittsburgh) 9.775

  5. Adrienne Hill (New Hampshire); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire); Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire); Haley Watts (North Carolina) 9.750

  6. Taylor Henderson (George Washington); Sarah Faller (Maryland); Sarah Peterson (North Carolina); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) 9.725

  7. Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Luisa Leal (Rutgers); Katie Sassa (Towson) 9.700

  8. Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina); Kori Macdonald (Pittsburgh); Nicolette Wilson (Rutgers) 9.675

  9. Shannon Skochko (Maryland); Michelle Ikoma (North Carolina); Courtney Leighton (North Carolina State); Maya Ketner (Pittsburgh); Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.650

  10. Karen Tang (Maryland); Alex DeMoura (George Washington) 9.625

  11. Alyssa Straub (Rutgers) 9.600
  12. Alexsis Petrikis (George Washington); Josselyn Mackey (North Carolina); Claire Jones (Rutgers); Nicolette Vignola (Towson) 9.550

  13. Lauren Ross (Towson) 9.525
  14. Nicole Pearson (Pittsburgh); Janis Konkle (Towson) 9.475

  15. Samantha Lutz (Towson) 9.425
  16. Jillian Hudson (New Hampshire) 9.125
  17. Bayleigh Fobes (Towson) 8.850
  18. Margaret Brown (North Carolina) 8.700


  1. Brittany Doran (George Washington); Kiera Kenney (George Washington); Betsy Zander (George Washington); Karen Tang (Maryland) 9.875

  2. Jessie Black (Maryland); Haley Watts (North Carolina); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.850

  3. Lauren Brodie (New Hampshire); Sarah Faller (Maryland); Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina); Brittney Harris (Pittsburgh); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Anastasia Halbig (Rutgers) 9.825

  4. Hannah Barile (New Hampshire); Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire); Chelsea Raineri (George Washington); Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.800

  5. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.775
  6. Jess Gracia (New Hampshire); Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Kayla Carto (George Washington); Stephanie Giameo (Maryland); Elizabethe Manzi (Maryland); Josselyn Mackey (North Carolina); Heidi Ffield (North Carolina State); Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh); Luisa Leal (Rutgers) 9.750

  7. Taylor Henderson (George Washington); Karen Tang (Maryland); Samantha Lutz (Towson) 9.725

  8. Michelle Ikoma (North Carolina); Maya Ketner (Pittsburgh); Lauren Ross (Towson); Vicki Vesecky (Towson) 9.700

  9. Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire); Emma Hoffman (Rutgers); Macalla Curtis (Towson) 9.675

  10. Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh); Bridget Steffen (Towson) 9.650

  11. Acacia Cosentino (North Carolina); Sarah Peterson (North Carolina) 9.600

  12. Charly Santagado (Rutgers) 9.550
  13. Nicole Pearson (Pittsburgh) 9.050
  14. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 8.900
  15. Lane Jarred (North Carolina State) 8.850
  16. Haley Sedgewick (Pittsburgh) 8.550


  1. Stephanie Giameo (Maryland) 9.900
  2. Kayla Gray (New Hampshire); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.875

  3. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire); Betsy Zander (George Washington); Janell Sargent (North Carolina); Katie O'Rourke (Pittsburgh); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Claire Jones (Rutgers) 9.850

  4. Adrienne Hill (New Hampshire); Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Laura Kummerle (Pittsburgh); Lauren Ross (Towson) 9.825

  5. Sarah Faller (Maryland); Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Lane Jarred (North Carolina State); Haley Bodenheimer (Pittsburgh); Claudia Salinas (Rutgers); Alyssa Straub (Rutgers); Jenna Williams (Rutgers) 9.800

  6. Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh) 9.775

  7. Erin Machado (New Hampshire); Dani Kram (Maryland); Shannon Skochko (Maryland); Ebony Walters (Maryland); Anastasia Halbig (Rutgers) 9.750

  8. Sarah Peterson (North Carolina); Alexa Davis (Towson); Bridget Steffen (Towson) 9.725

  9. Elena Corcoran (George Washington); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh); Janis Konkle (Towson) 9.700

  10. Taylor Redmond (George Washington) 9.675
  11. Samantha Lutz (Towson) 9.650
  12. Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina) 9.625
  13. Josselyn Mackey (North Carolina) 9.600
  14. Brittney Harris (Pittsburgh) 9.550
  15. Kiera Kenney (George Washington) 9.325
  16. Kayla Carto (George Washington); Elizabethe Manzi (Maryland) 9.225

  17. Meredith Magjuka (North Carolina) 9.175
  18. Haley Watts (North Carolina) 9.150
  19. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.125
  20. Alex DeMoura (George Washington) 9.075


  1. Erin Machado (New Hampshire); Lane Jarred (North Carolina State); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.900

  2. Hannah Barile (New Hampshire); Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire); Meghan Pflieger (New Hampshire); Meredith Magjuka (North Carolina); Katie O'Rourke (Pittsburgh) 9.875

  3. Taylor Henderson (George Washington); Karen Tang (Maryland); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh); Alexa Davis (Towson) 9.850

  4. Kelsey Aucoin (New Hampshire); Ebony Walters (Maryland); Lexi Cappalli (North Carolina); Haley Watts (North Carolina); Aubrey Hine (North Carolina State); Claire Jones (Rutgers); Danielle Verdon (Rutgers) 9.825

  5. Chelsea Raineri (George Washington); Stephanie Giameo (Maryland); Christina Pheil (North Carolina); Haley Bodenheimer (Pittsburgh); Charly Santagado (Rutgers) 9.800

  6. Alex DeMoura (George Washington); Betsy Zander (George Washington); Kristin Aloi (North Carolina); Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.775

  7. Kayla Carto (George Washington); Alex Zimmermann (Maryland) 9.750

  8. Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Bayleigh Fobes (Towson); Nicolette Vignola (Towson) 9.725

  9. Emily Brauckmuller (Maryland); Dani Kram (Maryland); Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State) 9.700

  10. Brittney Harris (Pittsburgh); Samantha Lutz (Towson) 9.675

  11. Janis Konkle (Towson) 9.650
  12. Katie Stebick (Rutgers) 9.500
  13. Elena Corcoran (George Washington) 9.450
  14. Nicole Pearson (Pittsburgh); Lauren Ross (Towson) 9.325

  15. Acacia Cosentino (North Carolina) 9.050
  16. Maya Ketner (Pittsburgh) 8.900

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