Day Two of Event Finals at Commonwealth Games

6:07 AM

Well Gym Fans it is the final day of Artistic Gymnastics competition at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Today's programme at the SSE Hydro sees the second day of Event Finals with the Men compete on the Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar with the Women competing on the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. Singapore's Hoe Wah Toon starts things off on the vault with a solid start. Kristian Thomas overrotates and holds his feet too long on his first Vault. Nice Roche, big step forward on the landing. Great start by Scott Morgan - two sensational Vaults. Sensational straight Tsukahara for Adam Cox. Great reception for Cox by the crowd and his fellow gymnasts. Steps back but a solid start to Ashish Kumar's Vault campaign - crashes his handspring double front after tucking too early. Frank Baines sits down his Tsukahara 2.5. Great handspring double front from Baines who has a deep squat on the landing and to the side. Deep squat on the landing of a handspring double front and a small step on the landing for Kent Pieterse on his first Vault. Solid Tsukahara full for Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie. Canadian Scott Morgan wins another gold medal, with Kristian Thomas finishing in second. Singapore's Hoe Wah Toon makes history for his country by earning the bronze medal.

Onto the Women's Beam Final! I love all these leotards I am seeing before me. Rebecca Downie has a fall on her front somersault. Off again on her acro series. Another fall. Poor Becky. Easy dismount. My heart's breaking for her. She tweaked her foot in team final so it is fantastic to see her in the final. Lauren Mitchell also falls on her acro series. Solid effort with the remainder of her routine. Great save by Mary-Anne Monckton on her jump combination. Stuck double pike dismount. Isabela Maria Onyshko falls on her acro series as well. Lovely split full. Strong finish. I really adore the sleeveless leotard she is wearing. Enquiry submitted on Mitchell's score. Great save by Claudia Fragapane on the landing of her acro series. Great tuck full. Fantastic double pike dismount! Mitchell's score enquiry has been rejected. Fantastic routine from Elizabeth Beddoe. Gorgeous routine from Georgina Hockenhull! Solid routine from Ellie Black!! Absolutely lovely sportmanship from all the Gymnasts this week. Black absolutely dominates on the Beam taking the title over Mary-Anne Monckton and Georgina Hockenhull.

I apologize in advance. I am not overly familiar with the Parallel Bars element names. Great routine from Whitlock. Sensational routine by Nile Wilson!! 9.033 Execution score. Shaky start to Wadsworth's routine. Fantastic routine by Frank Baines. Scotland's Daniel Purvis takes the title over England's Nile Wilson and Max Whitlock.

Final Event for the Women - what I am sure is going to be a great Floor Exercise final. Beckett - out of bounds on half in half out. Stuck double Arabian. Love both Kirsten's and Jessica Hogg's leos - actually I love all the leos in this final. Super routine from Jessica Hogg. Mitchell - out of bounds on her second pass and misses her stag jump. Solid routine for Stefanie Merkle. Slightly untidy in the air on some of her tumbling. Hannah Whelan out of bounds on full in, back out. Fantastic routine from Claudia Fragapane! Beautiful work on Floor from Ellie Black. Feet out of bounds on a couple of passes. Fragapane wins another gold medal, taking the title over Lauren Mitchell and Ellie Black.

And sadly we are onto our final Gymnastics event of these Commonwealth Games. O'Hara off. Heavy fall for Anderson Loran who over rotates. Repeats and is successful. Off again on the Gainer II. Plays it up to the crowd. Sensational routine from Nile Wilson. Aggressive routine from Daniel Keatings. Heavy fall. Finishes the routine solidly. A few form breaks on top of the Bar but an otherwise solid routine. Great routine from Kristian Thomas. Tie break rules apply which sees Thomas go into second behind Wilson. Nice routine for Tsukahara. Super routine from Kevin Lytwyn! Wilson takes the title over Kristian Thomas with Canadian Kevin Lytwyn earning the bronze.

  1. Scott Morgan (CAN) (14.766, 14.700) 14.733
  2. Kristian Thomas (ENG) (14.366, 14.633) 14.499
  3. Hoe Wah Toon (SIN) (14.528, 14.133) 14.195
  4. Kent Pieterse (AUS) (14.233, 13.966) 14.099
  5. Frank Baines (SCO) (13.633, 14.400) 14.016
  6. Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie (SIN) (14.000, 14.033) 14.016
  7. Adam Cox (SCO) (13.516, 13.033) 13.274
  8. Ashish Kumar (IND) (14.333, 0.000) 7.166
  1. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 14.900
  2. Mary-Anne Monckton (AUS) 13.666
  3. Georgina Hockenhull (WAL) 13.466
  4. Elizabeth Beddoe (WAL) 13.366
  5. Claudia Fragapane (ENG) 13.133
  6. Lauren Mitchell (AUS) 13.000
  7. Isabela Maria Onyshko (CAN) 12.666
  8. Rebecca Downie (ENG) 9.833
  1. Daniel Purvis (SCO) 15.533
  2. Nile Wilson (ENG) 15.433
  3. Max Whitlock (ENG) 15.066
  4. Frank Baines (SCO) 14.866
  5. Naoya Tsukahara (AUS) 14.133
  6. Kevin Lytwyn (CAN) 14.033
  7. Luke Wadsworth (AUS) 12.400
  8. Zachary Clay (CAN) 11.800
  1. Claudia Fragapane (ENG) 14.541
  2. Lauren Mitchell (AUS) 13.833
  3. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 13.666
  4. Stefanie Merkle (CAN) 13.433
  5. Jessica Hogg (WAL) 13.166
  6. Hannah Whelan (ENG) 13.133
  7. Charlotte Sullivan (NZL) 13.033
  8. Kirsten Beckett (RSA) 13.000
  1. Nile Wilson (ENG) 14.966
  2. Kristian Thomas (ENG) 14.966
  3. Kevin Lytwyn (CAN) 14.866
  4. Frank Baines (SCO) 14.566
  5. Naoya Tsukahara (AUS) 14.066
  6. Daniel Keatings (SCO) 13.366
  7. Sean O'Hara (AUS) 12.700
  8. Anderson Loran (CAN) 11.866

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