Event Finals at the CWG

8:51 AM

It's day one of the Event Finals at the SSE Hydro. England's Max Whitlock won his third gold medal at these Commonwealth Games winning the title on the Floor Exercise. He earned the honors by 0.4 points over Canadian Scott Morgan. New Zealand's David Bishop finished in third. England's Claudia Fragapane also won her third gold medal winning the honors on the Vault. Canadian Elsabeth Black finished second with India's Dipa Karmakar making history for her nation by winning the bronze. Karmakar vaulted the Produnova as her second vault and LANDED it! Albeit in a deep squat but it was fantastic!!

Massive routine from Daniel Keatings on the Pommel Horse!!! Solid routine from Jac Davies of Wales. Great routine from Louis Smith until he got to the dismount and had trouble. Daniel Purvis had a great routine although missed a pirouette on the dismount. Slight falter during the routine for Max Whitlock but great routine otherwise. Scotland's Daniel Keatings wins the title over Whitlock and Louis Smith! Welsh competitor Jac Davies finishes in fourth.

Poor Elizabeth Beddoe had a rough time on the Uneven Bars. Finished strong. Super routine from Rebecca Downie. Great routine from Larrissa Miller. I am absolutely loving all the leotards we have seen at these Games. Raer Theaker of Wales has some early mistakes and comes off. Disasterous routine and opts not to complete the routine - very disappointing. Fantastic routine from Ruby Harrold with a couple of form issues although a great routine. Downie wins over Miller and Harrold.

The Canadians rocked the Still Rings with Scott Morgan taking the title over compatriot Kevin Lytwyn. Daniel Purvis finished in third. Competition resumes tomorrow with second day of finals.

  1. Max Whitlock (ENG) 15.533
  2. Scott Morgan (CAN) 15.133
  3. David Bishop (NZL) 14.550
  4. Daniel Keatings (SCO) 14.533
  5. Clinton Purnell (WAL) 14.366
  6. Ashish Kumar (IND) 13.800
  7. Hoe Wah Toon (SIN) 13.733
  8. Kristian Thomas (ENG) 13.366
  1. Claudia Fragapane (ENG) (14.766, 14.500) 14.633
  2. Elsabeth Black (CAN) (14.433, 14.433) 14.433
  3. Dipa Karmakar (IND) (13.633, 15.100) 14.366
  4. Maegan Chant (CAN) (14.233, 14.233) 14.233
  5. Kelly Simm (ENG) (14.633, 13.766) 14.199
  6. Kirsten Beckett (RSA) (14.366, 13.866) 14.116
  7. Georgia-Rose Brown (AUS) (14.100, 13.566) 13.833
  8. Emma White (SCO) (13.800, 13.300) 13.550
  1. Daniel Keatings (SCO) 16.058
  2. Max Whitlock (ENG) 15.966
  3. Louis Smith (ENG) 14.966
  4. Jac Davies (WAL) 14.800
  5. Daniel Purvis (SCO) 14.516
  6. Gabriel Gan Zi Jie (SIN) 14.266
  7. Anderson Loran (CAN) 13.600
  8. Clinton Purnell (WAL) 12.966
  1. Rebecca Downie (ENG) 14.666
  2. Larrissa Miller (AUS) 14.566
  3. Ruby Harrold (ENG) 14.366
  4. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 13.700
  5. Georgia-Rose Brown (AUS) 13.566
  6. Kirsten Beckett (RSA) 12.933
  7. Elizabeth Beddoe (WAL) 11.633
  8. Raer Theaker (WAL) 8.333
  1. Scott Morgan (CAN) 15.100
  2. Kevin Lytwyn (CAN) 14.800
  3. Daniel Purvis (SCO) 14.766
  4. Naoya Tsukahara (AUS) 14.700
  5. Max Whitlock (ENG) 14.566
  6. Clinton Purnell (WAL) 14.533
  7. Nile Wilson (ENG) 14.466
  8. Matthew Palmer (NZL) 14.166

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