Day One EF - Medellin World Challenge Cup

4:17 AM

The Medellin World Challenge Cup is taking place from the 7th to the 9th of November at the Ivan de Bedout Coliseum in Medellin, Colombia. A small field of Gymnasts competed in the Qualifications with the first day of finals taking place yesterday. Dominican Republic's Yamilet Pena Abreu took out the Women's Vault title over Croatian Ana Derek and Panama's Isabella Del Carmen Amado Medrano. Colombia's Dayana Stefanny Ardila Garcia who was the top scorer in Qualifications finished in fourth. Ana Filipa Martins of Portugal dominated on the Uneven Bars, with Colombians Rudy Marcela Sandoval Afanador and Bibiana Maria Velez Alzate finishing in second and third respectively.

Brazil's Diego Hypolito triumphed on the Floor Exercise with Japan's Toshiya Ikejiri finishing in second and Slovenia's Ziga Silc in third. Colombia's own Jhonny Alexander Munoz Perez won the title on the Pommel Horse outclassing Croatian Robert Seligman and Colombian compatriot Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez. Brazil's Henrique Medina Flores won the Still Rings honors over Regulo Carmona of Venezuela and Federico Molinari of Argentina who tied for the silver medal.

  1. Yamilet Pena Abreu (DOM) 14.175
  2. Ana Derek (CRO) 13.925
  3. Isabella Del Carmen Amado Medrano (PAN) 13.875
  4. Dayana Stefanny Ardila Garcia (COL) 13.875
  5. Valerija Grisane (LAT) 13.563
  6. Tjasa Kysselef (SLO) 13.313
  7. Ema Kajic (CRO) 13.238
  8. Valentina Brostella Arias (PAN) 12.863
  1. Ana Filipa Martins (POR) 13.425
  2. Rudy Marcela Sandoval Afanador (COL) 12.850
  3. Bibiana Maria Velez Alzate (COL) 12.525
  4. Maria Belen Stoeffel (ARG) 12.425
  5. Miriana Almeida Garcia (MEX) 12.100
  6. Isabella Del Carmen Amado Medrano (PAN) 12.075
  7. Yamilet Pena Abreu (DOM) 11.825
  8. Ariana Orrego Martinez (PER) 10.800
  1. Diego Hypolito (BRA) 15.867
  2. Toshiya Ikejiri (JPN) 15.233
  3. Ziga Silc (SLO) 15.000
  4. Jossimar Orlando Calvo Moreno (COL) 14.867
  5. Naoto Hayasaka (JPN) 14.667
  6. Rok Klavora (SLO) 14.567
  7. William Andres Calle Lopera (COL) 14.133
  8. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) 13.167
  1. Jhonny Alexander Munoz Perez (COL) 15.167
  2. Robert Seligman (CRO) 15.000
  3. Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez (COL) 14.800
  4. Ryoma Kawamoto (JPN) 14.233
  5. Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) 14.200
  6. Adrian Efrain Prieto Angel (MEX) 13.233
  7. Henrique Medina Flores (BRA) 13.100
  8. Kenta Chiba (JPN) 12.933
  1. Henrique Medina Flores (BRA) 15.700
  2. Federico Molinari (ARG); Regulo Carmona (VEN) 15.167

  3. Gustavo Palma Simoes (POR) 14.900
  4. Toshiya Ikejiri (JPN) 14.867
  5. Hudson Miguel (BRA) 14.333
  6. Ryoma Kawamoto (JPN) 14.300
  7. Carlos Alberto Calvo Agudelo (COL) 12.233

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