Day 2 - Pan Am Games RG Apparatus Finals

7:15 AM

Welcome to the final day of the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at the 2015 Pan American Games. Today sees the Individual Clubs and Ribbon Final and the Groups 6 Clubs, 2 Hoops Final. American Laura Zeng was the top qualifier to both finals... could she make it a clean sweep or will we see someone else take the titles? Gorgeous routine from Canadian Patricia Bezzoubenko to start off the Clubs Final. Solid routine from Mexico's Karla Diaz Arnal - was that a small fumble we saw in the middle of the routine? Unfortunate drop of the Club by Canadian Carmen Whelan. Another sensational routine from Laura Zeng!! Lovely routine from her compatriot Jasmine Kerber. Solid routine by Angelica Kvieczynski. Zeng adds another gold medal to her collection with Bezzoubenko winning the silver medal and Kerber earning the bronze.

Few issues with Carmen Whelan's Ribbon routine to start off the second final of the day. Lovely routine from Mexican Karla Diaz Arnal. Another gorgeous routine from Jasmine Kerber!! Another beautiful routine from Brazilian Angelica Kvieczynski. Yet another clean routine from Zeng. Was really hoping for another medal for Bezzoubenko. And it's official - American Laura Zeng has swept the titles at this year's Pan American Games! Jasmine Kerber takes the silver medal with the Ribbon with Angelica Kvieczynski taking the bronze.

In the Group Competition, the United States Group consisting of Kiana Eade, Alisa Kano, Natalie McGiffert, Monica Rokhman, Jennifer Rokhman and Kristen Shaldybin made history winning the first ever Gold medal for the U.S. in the Group competition. Brazil finished second with Canada in third.

  1. Laura Zeng (USA) 16.167
  2. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 15.933
  3. Jasmine Kerber (USA) 15.833
  4. Rut Castillo Galindo (MEX) 15.317
  5. Angelica Cristina Kvieczynski (BRA) 15.267
  6. Karla Diaz Arnal (MEX) 14.467
  7. Carmen Whelan (CAN) 14.042
  8. Natalia Azevedo Gaudio (BRA) 13.633
  1. Laura Zeng (USA) 16.267
  2. Jasmine Kerber (USA) 15.992
  3. Angelica Cristina Kvieczynski (BRA) 15.633
  4. Patricia Bezzoubenko (CAN) 15.250
  5. Karla Diaz Arnal (MEX) 14.767
  6. Rut Castillo Galindo (MEX) 14.200
  7. Carmen Whelan (CAN) 13.733
  8. Natalia Azevedo Gaudio (BRA) 13.517
  1. United States of America 14.983
  2. Brazil 14.692
  3. Canada 13.709
  4. Mexico 13.258
  5. Cuba 12.825

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