Gwangju Universiade Women's AA Title

3:35 AM

Tonight sees the Women's All Around Final at the 28th Gwangju Universiade being contested at the Kwangju Women's University Universiade Gymnasium. Portugal's Ana Filipa Martins was the highest qualifier to the final topping Russian Polina Fedorova and Great Britain's Kelly Simm. However it was a closely fought qualification so it could be anyone's title for the taking. I love the pink suits that the judges are wearing. Blue leotard with diamantes and red v's down the sleeves and at the top for Kelly Simm. Emma Jane Nedov is wearing the red/black Australian leotard, whilst Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is wearing the purple and black leotard with the silver. Love Ana Filipa Martins' leotard - white with black metallicy sleeves with greeny/aqua/turquoise swirls. Blue leotard with white sleeves and diamante patterning for Fedorova. Big hop forward on the Bars dismount for Dilnoza Abdusalimova (green leotard with diamantes), whilst big hop back for Farah Ann Abdul Hadi for her vault. Loooove Daria Yelizarova's leotard. Elisabeth Geurts wears blue leotard with diamante, white sleeves and red collar. Simple deep blue leotard with black V at the top and on part of the shoulders with diamantes for Norway's Sofie Braaten - very elegant looking. Sits down her landing but she's still laughing and smiling. Very detailed and colorful leotards for the Republic of Korea gymnasts - my favorites! Red leotard with silver patterning for the Japanese gymnasts. Simple yet elegant leotard for Simone Penker who is representing Austria but is a member of the University of Alaska-Anchorage Gymnastics team. Stunningly colored leotard with black sleeves for Tracie Ang who replaces Tan Ing Yueh in the final. After one rotation, Kelly Simm leads over Japan's Asuka Teramoto and Yelizarova.

Fall for Emma Jane Nedov on the Beam and a fall for Daria Yelizarova on the Uneven Bars. Aquaey queen leotard with patterning on the sleeves for Mexico's Mariana Vazquez Beristain who had a couple of falls from the Balance Beam. Solid Bars routine for HEO Seon Mi. Sensational Bars routine from Kelly Simm but took awhile for her score to come through. It's really lovely to see athletes from other sports watching in the stands. Unfortunately Claudia Cummins has to count a couple of falls on the Beam - she is in a sleeveless red leotard with pink swirls - sits down her dismount. At the halfway mark, Simm leads over Teramoto with HEO Seon Mi of the Republic of Korea moving into third.

Huge save from Ana Filipa Martins on her side aerial. Massive bobble on the landing of Mariana Vazquez Beristain's final tumbling pass. Fall on Beam from HEO Seon Mi and she takes a couple of steps backwards and sits down her dismount. Lovely Floor routine from Dilnoza Abdusalimova. Gorgeous Beam routine from Natsumi Sasada. I love the piano drink holder she uses. Lovely routine from Asuka Teramoto - huge hop forward on the dismount. Solid routine on Beam from Kelly Simm - massive step back on the dismount. Gorgeous Beam routine from Fedorova - just a couple of bobbles. Great Floor routines from Claudia Cummins and Emma Jane Nedov. With one rotation to go Simm still maintains the lead over Japan's Teramoto and Sasada.

Fantastic routine from Farah Ann Abdul Hadi! Great Vault from Vazquez Beristain. Carmen Astrid Horvat's silver leotard with diamantes looked elegantly simple. Solid Vault. Great Vault from Penker. Fall on second last tumbling pass for EUM Dayeon. Stunning routine from HEO Seon Mi. Lovely routine from Natsumi Sasada. Solid routine from Asuka Teramoto. Slight bobble on Martins' final tumbling pass.

And it is official - Kelly Simm wins the All Around title over Japan's Asuka Teramoto and Natsumi Sasada. Congratulations to all! 

  1. Kelly Simm (GBR) (14.333, 14.333, 13.866, 13.800) 56.332
  2. Asuka Teramoto (JPN) (14.166, 14.233, 14.100, 13.466) 55.965
  3. Natsumi Sasada (JPN) (13.933, 13.533, 14.500, 13.466) 55.432
  4. Ana Filipa Martins (POR) (14.066, 13.766, 13.500, 13.666) 54.998
  5. Polina Fedorova (RUS) (13.666, 13.733, 13.733, 13.100) 54.232
  6. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS) (13.633, 13.100, 12.966, 13.500) 53.199
  7. Daria Yelizarova (RUS) (14.100, 11.733, 13.533, 13.700) 53.066
  8. Emma Jane Nedov (AUS) (13.666, 13.266, 13.066, 13.066) 53.064
  9. HEO Seon Mi (KOR) (13.833, 14.100, 11.600, 13.033) 52.566
  10. Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) (12.500, 12.566, 13.400, 13.266) 51.732
  11. EUM Dayeon (KOR) (13.566, 13.600, 13.200, 10.900) 51.266
  12. Claudia Cummins (RSA) (13.700, 12.300, 10.366, 12.833) 49.199
  13. Carmen Astrid Horvat (SLO) (13.533, 12.233, 11.266, 11.533) 48.565
  14. Simone Penker (AUT) (12.900, 11.933, 11.366, 12.266) 48.465
  15. Tracie Ang (MAS) (12.400, 12.300, 9.933, 11.933) 46.566
  16. Maria Vazquez Beristain (MEX) (14.033, 11.700, 9.466, 11.000) 45.899
  17. Sofie Braaten (NOR) (12.566, 10.133, 10.866, 12.266) 45.831
  18. Elisabeth Geurts (NED) (12.300, 10.333, 9.066, 11.100) 42.799

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