2015 P&G Champs Snr WAG Day One

5:28 PM

Welcome to the first day of the Senior Women's competition. After the first rotation, Maggie Nichols of Twin City Twisters leads over Texas Dreams' Bailie Key with Simone Biles (World Champions Centre), Alyssa Baumann (WOGA), MyKayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) and Brenna Dowell (GAGE) tied for third. So I have just started watching the live coverage. There are some lovely leotards in the field. A good Beam routine from Brenna Dowell on Beam, Shame about the steps backwards on the dismount and a minor bobble. At the halfway mark Nichols still leads over Gabby Douglas (Buckeye Gymnastics) and Biles. After a disappointing Beam routine, Aly Raisman absolutely killed it on Floor Exercise to move into fourth!!

Gorgeous white leotard for Aly! Solid Vault but a step off to the side. Another phenomenal Bars routine from Ashton Locklear. Hop back on the Beam dismount and some minor balance checks but a good routine from Douglas. Oh wow. Biles falls on her final tumbling pass! Kyla Ross falls on Uneven Bars. Lovely Vault from Madison Kocian. Low on the landing of her dismount but a solid routine on Beam from Nichols. Gorgeous Bars routine by Emily Schild. Clean Beam routine for Lauren Navarro. Great Floor routine from Nia Dennis! Solid routines on Bars and Beam from Amelia Hundley and Skinner respectively. Impressive tumbling and routine from Dowell! Love Bailie Key's Floor routine! With one final rotation to go today Nichols still leads with Douglas and Biles TIED for second!!!

Big hop backwards but a solid Vault from Nia Dennis. Gorgeous Bars set from Madison Kocian. Ross looked shaky on Beam and had a big save in the middle of the routine but wasn't disastrous! Hit Floor routine from Nichols whilst Dowell pulls out a lovely Vault. Superb Bars routine from Rachel Gowey. Gorgeous Vault from Key. Hop to the side on Baumann's Bars dismount. Nice to see Amelia Hundley with a huge smile after Beam! Massive Vaults from Biles! I am loving the confidence from Raisman on Bars. Low landing on Gabby's second pass. Locklear off on Beam. And after day one Simone Biles leads over Nichols with Gabby Douglas in third. Aly Raisman and Key round out the top five in the All Around. 

  1. Simone Biles (World Champions Centre) (16.250, 15.150, 14.800, 14.900) 61.100
  2. Maggie Nichols (Twin City Twisters) (15.800, 14.950, 14.400, 14.550) 59.700
  3. Gabrielle Douglas (Buckeye Gymnastics) (15.100, 15.300, 14.450, 13.850) 58.700
  4. Alexandra Raisman (Brestyan's American Gymnastics) (15.200, 14.150, 13.750, 15.550) 58.650
  5. Bailie Key (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (15.250, 15.200, 13.700, 14.450) 58.600
  6. Alyssa Baumann (WOGA Gymnastics) (14.300, 14.500, 15.150, 13.900) 57.850
  7. Brenna Dowell (Great American Gymnastics Express) (14.800, 15.150, 13.300, 14.300) 57.550
  8. MyKayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) (15.150, 13.650, 14.350, 14.350) 57.500
  9. Amelia Hundley (Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy) (14.850, 14.750, 13.650, 14.200) 57.450
  10. Nia Dennis (Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC) (15.300, 13.550, 14.650, 13.850) 57.350
  11. Madison Kocian (WOGA Gymnastics) (14.650, 15.500, 13.100, 13.800) 57.050
  12. Kyla Ross (Gym-Max Gymnastics) (15.050, 14.050, 14.250, 13.550);Megan Skaggs (Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta) (14.650, 14.350, 14.300, 13.600) 56.900

  13. Emily Schild (Everest Gymnastics) (15.050, 14.750, 13.350, 13.600) 56.750
  14. Lauren Navarro (Gliders-Charter Oak) (14.650, 13.850, 13.450, 12.450) 54.400
  15. Madison Desch (Great American Gymnastics Express) (0.000, 13.100, 13.850, 13.500) 40.450
  16. Rachel Gowey (Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute) (0.000, 15.250, 14.400, 0.000) 29.650
  17. Ashton Locklear (Everest Gymnastics) (0.000, 15.400, 12,950, 0.000) 28,350
  18. Polina Shchennikova (TIGAR) (0.000, 13.700, 0.000, 0.000) 13.700

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