Kentucky vs Ball State

4:18 PM

The University of Kentucky is opening their season at home at Memorial Coliseum with their Excite Night meet against the Ball State University. Kentucky Freshmen Katie Stuart, Aubree Rosa, Sidney Dukes, Danaea Davis and Alex Hyland opened their collegiate careers with solid Vaults whilst on a low scoring Uneven Bars rotation Ball State Senior Angela Durkac was the top performer. Stuart rocked on the Uneven Bars, whilst it was a fantastic start to Katrina Coca's collegiate career - Coca who originally signed for 2016-17 commenced a year earlier. Ball State Senior Erin Patchey and Sophomore Jordyn Penny were the top performers for their team on the Vault, however the top score on the apparatus was shared by Stuart and Dukes. On the Uneven Bars, Dukes took the title over team mates Stuart and Sophomore Cori Rachenmacher who tied for second. Congratulations to Ball State Freshman Sidney Finke who opened her career with a 9.500 on the Floor Exercise. It seems the curse of the Balance Beam has hit the University of Kentucky with Aubree Rosa scoring an 8.975 and Katie Stuart scoring a 9.000. After a low scoring start on the Floor Exercise - the Ball State lineup finished strongly as too did Kentucky on the Balance Beam. Ball State Freshman Kaitlyn Menzione competed with a solid routine on the Balance Beam. Alex Hyland took out the Balance Beam title, whilst Taylor Puryear earned the honors on the Floor Exercise. 

  1. University of Kentucky (49.000, 48.750, 48.175, 48.900) 194.825
  2. Ball State University (48.375, 47.175, 47.575, 48.525) 191.650
  1. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) 39.125
  2. Alex Hyland (Kentucky) 39.025
  3. Katie Stuart (Kentucky) 38.325
  1. Katie Stuart (Kentucky); Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) 9.850

  2. Alex Hyland (Kentucky); Erin Patchey (Ball State); Jordyn Penny (Ball State) 9.800

  3. Danaea Davis (Kentucky); Aubree Rosa (Kentucky) 9.750

  4. Jala Washington (Ball State) 9.725
  5. Marissa Beucler (Kentucky) 9.700
  6. Sarah Ebeyer (Ball State) 9.650
  7. Shelby Arms (Ball State) 9.400
  8. Denasiha Christian (Ball State) 9.325
  1. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) 9.825
  2. Katie Stuart (Kentucky); Cori Rechenmacher (Kentucky) 9.750

  3. Alex Hyland (Kentucky) 9.725
  4. Katrina Coca (Kentucky) 9.700
  5. Marissa Beucler (Kentucky) 9.675
  6. Angela Durkac (Ball State) 9.650
  7. Kayla Beckler (Ball State) 9.525
  8. Miranda Kuehl (Ball State) 9.475
  9. Katie Honarmand (Ball State) 9.400
  10. Jordyn Penny (Ball State) 9.125
  11. Jillian Hacker (Ball State) 8.700
  1. Alex Hyland (Kentucky) 9.875
  2. Amy Roemmele (Kentucky) 9.850
  3. Montana Whittle (Kentucky); Baylee Bell (Ball State) 9.750

  4. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky); Kaitlyn Menzione (Ball State) 9.700

  5. Denasiha Christian (Ball State) 9.675
  6. Jordyn Penny (Ball State) 9.250
  7. Kayla Beckler (Ball State) 9.200
  8. Katie Stuart (Kentucky) 9.000
  9. Aubree Rosa (Kentucky) 8.975
  10. Sidney Finke (Ball State) 8.500
  1. Taylor Puryear (Kentucky) 9.875
  2. Denasiha Christian (Ball State) 9.850
  3. Amy Roemmele (Kentucky) 9.800
  4. Erin Patchey (Ball State) 9.775
  5. Aubree Rosa (Kentucky); Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) 9.750

  6. Katie Stuart (Kentucky); Shelby Arms (Ball State) 9.725

  7. Sarah Ebeyer (Ball State) 9.675
  8. Alex Hyland (Kentucky) 9.625
  9. Sidney Finke (Ball State) 9.500
  10. Brooke Evans (Ball State) 9.325

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