Texas Woman's University vs Florida

5:18 PM

Texas Woman's University hosted the University of Florida at their home opener in the Kitty Magee Arena. Solid start from TWU Freshman Jenna Cashmore on the Vault to start off the meet. Fellow TWU Freshman Megan Gentry also made her debut on the Vault. Florida Senior Bridget Sloan was the top scorer for the Gators on the Uneven  Bars. Gator gymnast Amanda Cheney made her Freshman debut on the Vault. Gator Sophomore Alex McMurtry topped the Vault over Sloan with Sophomore Kennedy Baker in third - Alicia Boren also made her debut on the Vault. Sloan was the top scorer on the Uneven Bars over Baker, Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, McMurtry and Bridgette Caquatto who tied for second. 9.900 on Floor for Sloan - Shared with Baker! TWU Sophomore Taylor Vincent was the top scorer for the team on the Balance Beam. Gator Freshman Ashley Hiller made her debut on the Floor Exercise. Great start to Peyton Ernst's collegiate career - 9.875 on Beam, whilst TWU's Erin Alderman made her mark on the Floor Exercise. Sloan took out the All Around title by 0.1 over Baker with the two tying for the honors on the Floor Exercise. Boren and Sophomore Ericha Fassbender tied for the top score on the Balance Beam. 

  1. University of Florida (49.025, 49.175, 49.425, 49.200) 196.825
  2. Texas Woman's University (47.825, 47.375, 48.350, 47.850) 191.450
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 39.500
  2. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 39.400
  3. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University) 38.100
  1. Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.925
  2. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875
  3. Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.800
  4. Megan Gentry (Texas Woman's University); Ericha Fassbender (Florida) 9.750

  5. Katie Simpson (Texas Woman's University)  9.725
  6. Amanda Cheney (Florida) 9.675
  7. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University) 9.650
  8. Jenna Cashmore (Texas Woman's University) 9.575
  9. Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.350
  10. Brandi Lazarus (Texas Woman's University)  9.125
  11. Mallory Moredock (Texas Woman's University)  8.900
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.875
  2. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Florida); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.825

  3. Grace McLaughlin (Florida) 9.800
  4. Katie Simpson (Texas Woman's University)  9.750
  5. Jenna Cashmore (Texas Woman's University) 9.725
  6. Alyssa Kelly (Texas Woman's University) 9.675
  7. Megan Gentry (Texas Woman's University) 9.200
  8. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University)  9.025
  9. Abigail Versemann (Texas Woman's University) 8.850
  1. Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.900

  2. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Peyton Ernst (Florida); Alex McMurtry (Florida) 9.875

  3. Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.850
  4. Taylor Vincent (Texas Woman's University) 9.825
  5. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University) 9.775
  6. Alyssa Kelly (Texas Woman's University)  9.700
  7. Mallory Moredock (Texas Woman's University) 9.600
  8. Megan Gentry (Texas Woman's University) 9.450
  9. Katie Simpson (Texas Woman's University) 9.050
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida); Kennedy Baker (Florida) 9.900

  2. Alicia Boren (Florida) 9.850
  3. Grace McLaughlin (Florida) 9.825
  4. Ashley Hiller (Florida) 9.725
  5. Erin Alderman (Texas Woman's University) 9.700
  6. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University) 9.675
  7. Mallory Moredock (Texas Woman's University) 9.600
  8. Alyssa Kelly (Texas Woman's University) 9.525
  9. Abigail Versemann (Texas Woman's University) 9.375
  10. Ericha Fassbender (Florida) 9.075
  11. Tessa Jaranowski (Texas Woman's University) 8.825

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