UC-Berkeley take on UCLA at Home

7:24 PM

The University of California-Berkeley makes their home season debut at the Haas Pavilion this evening against the University of California-Los Angeles. Having to count a low score of 9.325 from Sonya Meraz on the Uneven Bars after falls from both her and Stella Savvidou, the UCLA Bruins find themselves in second place after the first rotation. UC-Berkeley's Charlie Owens performed an exhibition Vault scoring a 9.125 whilst UCLA's Rechelle Dennis' exhibition Bars routine scored a 9.800. UC-Berkeley's Vault score is a season high for the team. UCLA's Peng-Peng Lee returns to the Vault lineup with a fantastic 9.875!! At the halfway mark, UC-Berkeley maintain the lead over UCLA! UC-Berkeley's Toni-Ann Williams ties with Peng-Pee Lee for the honors on Vault with JaNay Honest of UCLA had the best Uneven Bars routine of her career to earn the title on the apparatus! Owen's also exhibited on the Uneven Bars earning a 9.775. A change to the Floor Exercise lineup sees Hallie Mossett and Madison Preston being replaced by fellow Bruins Mikaela Gerber and Sonya Meraz. The UC-Berkeley team still maintains the lead headed into the final rotation. Sylvie Seilnacht performed a 9.575 scoring exhibition on the Beam for the Bears. UCLA's Gerber had a fantastic routine on the Balance Beam to open the final rotation tying her career high whilst fellow UCLA gymnast Angi Cipra competed her first Beam routine since 2014 and despite falling on her leap series had a solid routine. UCLA will have to count a fall on the Beam after Peng-Peng falls on her acro series. Toni-Ann Williams earns the top mark on the Floor with Danusia Francis of UCLA taking the top mark of the meet on the Balance Beam. Berkeley takes the win over the Bruins with a season high combined total - the first time triumphing over the Bruins since 1985. Nicki Shapiro of UCLA exhibited on the Beam for a 9.675.

  1. University of California-Berkeley (49.225, 49.075, 48.925, 49.150) 196.375
  2. University of California-Los Angeles (49.050, 48.700, 48.350, 49.075) 195.175
  1. Toni-Ann Williams (University of California-Berkeley) 39.250
  1. Toni-Ann Williams (University of California-Berkeley); Peng-Peng Lee (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.875

  2. Emily Richardson (University of California-Berkeley); Alicia Gallarzo (University of California-Berkeley); Angi Cipra (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.850

  3. Arianna Robinson (University of California-Berkeley); Sylvie Seilnacht (University of California-Berkeley) 9.825

  4. Sadiqua Bynum (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.800
  5. JaNay Honest (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.775
  6. Madison Preston (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.750
  7. Desiree Palomares (University of California-Berkeley) 9.725
  8. Napualani Hall (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.575
  1. JaNay Honest (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.875
  2. Danusia Francis (University of California-Los Angeles); Amber Takara (University of California-Berkeley) 9.850

  3. Sophina DeJesus (University of California-Los Angeles); Hallie Mossett (University of California-Los Angeles); Yuleen Stenberg (University of California-Berkeley); Jessica Howe (University of California-Berkeley) 9.825

  4. Toni-Ann Williams (University of California-Berkeley) 9.800
  5. Emily Richardson (University of California-Berkeley); Alicia Gallarzo (University of California-Berkeley)  9.775

  6. Sonya Meraz (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.325
  7. Stella Savvidou (University of California-Los Angeles) 8.750
  1. Danusia Francis (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.925
  2. Mikaela Gerber (University of California-Los Angeles); Sophina DeJesus (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.850

  3. Desiree Palomares (University of California-Berkeley) 9.825
  4. Sofie Seilnacht (University of California-Berkeley) 9.800
  5. Charlie Owens (University of California-Berkeley); Zoe Draghi (University of California-Berkeley) 9.775

  6. Jessica Howe (University of California-Berkeley); Sonya Meraz (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.750

  7. Toni-Ann Williams (University of California-Berkeley) 9.675
  8. Peng-Peng Lee (University of California-Los Angeles) 8.975
  9. Angi Cipra (University of California-Los Angeles) 8.900
  1. Toni-Ann Williams (University of California-Berkeley) 9.900
  2. Jessica Howe (University of California-Berkeley); Zoe Draghi (University of California-Berkeley); Danusia Francis (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.850

  3. Angi Cipra (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.825
  4. Napualani Hall (University of California-Los Angeles); Mikaela Gerber (University of California-Los Angeles); Sonya Meraz (University of California-Los Angeles); Arianna Robinson (University of California-Berkeley) 9.800

  5. Charlie Owens (University of California-Berkeley) 9.750
  6. Sadiqua Bynum (University of California-Los Angeles) 9.725
  7. Desiree Palomares (University of California-Berkeley) 9.075

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