Washington vs Denver vs Seattle Pacific

6:33 PM

The University of Washington hosts Denver University and Seattle Pacific University at the Alaska Airlines Arena. It also is a chance for Washington to honor Seniors Allison Northey and Sheridan Metcalf (who is currently serving as a student coach). Must admit I got a little teary as Northey was introduced - She has contributed so much to the Washington program. Solid start from all three teams however after the first rotation Denver narrowly leads over Washington with Seattle Pacific in third having to count a low of 9.475 after both Alexa Okamura and Kristi Hayashida had problems with their Balance Beam routines.

Solid routine from Washington's Joslyn Goings on Bars. In fact it has been it has been a fantastic Bars routine from the Huskies. Season high total from the Huskies on the Uneven Bars and including a new career high from Jessica Nesis. Balance check from Nina McGee on the Beam. Lovely Floor routine from Lauren Glover of SPU. Washington move into first over Denver after two rotations! Lovely routine from Grace Broadhurst of Denver on the Beam as an exhibition. Beautiful routine from Ariana Harger on Floor.

Solid vaulting from the SPU line up with some amazing work from Washington on the Balance Beam. Lovely routine from Nina McGee on the Floor Exercise - standout routine for Denver. After all three teams have competed on the Balance Beam - the event title goes to Washington's Joslyn Goings. Team standings remain unchanged headed into the final rotation. Washington's lead is only 0.025 over Denver. It's going to be a close one!!

Solid start on Vault from Denver's Emily Barrett - hop forward. Despite some solid Vaulting from Denver it wasn't enough to top Washington (who amassed a season-high total) with Seattle Pacific in third. Allison Northey had a fantastic evening - taking out the All Around and Vault titles and finishing second on the Uneven Bars (tied with Denver's Julia  Ross), Balance Beam (tied with team mate Stephanie Stowe) and on the Floor Exercise. Washington's Kaitlyn Duranczyk took out the Bars title with team mate Goings topping the Balance Beam title. Denver's Nina McGee outclassed the field on Floor. SPU's team total was also a season-high. 

  1. University of Washington (49.075, 49.175, 49.225, 49.175) 196.650
  2. Denver University (48.875, 49.225, 48.600, 49.250) 196.325
  3. Seattle Pacific University (48.625, 48.200, 48.475, 48.600) 193.950

  1. Allison Northey (Washington) 39.500
  2. Nina McGee (Denver) 39.275
  3. Joslyn Goings (Washington) 39.225 
  4. Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific) 38.875
  5. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 38.725
  1. Allison Northey (Washington) 9.900
  2. Alexandra Yacalis (Washington); Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Julia Ross (Denver) 9.825

  3. Joslyn Goings (Washington); Hailey Burleson (Washington); Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific); Nina McGee (Denver) 9.800

  4. Emily Barrett (Denver); Diana Chesnok (Denver) 9.775

  5. Emily Liddle (Washington); Lauren Glover (Seattle Pacific) 9.750

  6. Maggie Laughlin (Denver) 9.700
  7. Stephanie Stowe (Washington); Breanna Beltran (Seattle Pacific) 9.675

  8. Nikole Addison (Denver) 9.625
  9. Maryanna Peterson (Seattle Pacific) 9.575
  10. Brittany Atchison (Seattle Pacific) 9.550
  1. Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington) 9.900
  2. Julia Ross (Denver); Allison Northey (Washington) 9.875

  3. Katie Menhinick (Denver); Nina McGee (Denver); Jessica Nesis (Washington) 9.850

  4. Claire Kern (Denver); Diana Chesnok (Denver) 9.825

  5. Nikole Addison (Denver); Hailey Burleson (Washington); Breanna Beltran (Seattle Pacific) 9.800

  6. Joslyn Goings (Washington); Zoey Schaefer (Washington) 9.750

  7. Tracie Villanueva (Seattle Pacific); Maryanna Peterson (Seattle Pacific) 9.675

  8. Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific) 9.550
  9. Carly Kano (Seattle Pacific) 9.500
  10. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.350

  1. Joslyn Goings (Washington) 9.875
  2. Allison Northey (Washington); Stephanie Stowe (Washington) 9.850

  3. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Hailey Burleson (Washington); Malory Rose (Washington) 9.825

  4. Claire Hammen (Denver); Katie Menhinick (Denver); Kaitlyn Schou (Denver); Emily Barrett (Denver); Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington) 9.800

  5. Tracie Villanueva (Seattle Pacific); Julia Ross (Denver) 9.775

  6. Lauren Glover (Seattle Pacific); Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific); Nina McGee (Denver) 9.700

  7. Alexa Okamura (Seattle Pacific) 9.475
  8. Kristi Hayashida (Seattle Pacific) 9.125
  1. Nina McGee (Denver) 9.925
  2. Allison Northey (Washington) 9.875
  3. Claire Hammen (Denver); Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Zoey Schaefer (Washington); Kaitlyn Duranczyk (Washington) 9.850

  4. Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific); Kaitlyn Schou (Denver) 9.825

  5. Emily Barrett (Denver); Joslyn Goings (Washington); Alexandra Yacalis (Washington) 9.800

  6. Lauren Glover (Seattle Pacific) 9.775
  7. Nikole Addison (Denver) 9.750
  8. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.725
  9. Rain Sullivan (Seattle Pacific) 9.700
  10. Alexa Okamura (Seattle Pacific) 9.575
  11. Brittany Atchison (Seattle Pacific) 9.125
  12. Emily Liddle (Washington) 8.900

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