UC-Davis vs Sacramento State vs UC-Berkeley

7:24 PM

The University of California-Davis will be recognizing their Seniors - Taylor Baron, Dani Judal, Stephanie Stamates and Jamie Yamashita as they host the California State University-Sacramento and the University of California-Berkeley. Really loving today's leotards from all teams. Lovely routine from California's Charlie Owens to start on the Floor Exercise. Solid Vaults from the first three gymnasts up from UC-Davis. Loved Desiree Palomares routine on Floor! Season-high tying routine on Floor by Arianna Robinson. Solid Uneven Bars routines from Sac State's Lauren Rice, Cassie Benning and Courtney Soliwoda. Gorgeous Floor routine from Jessica Howe (matched her career high). Phenomenal routine from Toni-Ann Williams who scores a season-high of 9.950 with Zoe Draghi bringing it home with a 9.925 (Career High). UC-Berkeley leads over Sacramento State and UC-Davis after the first rotation. UC-Berkeley's Floor total is the second highest mark in the School's History!!!

Despite an overshot handstand it was a solid start on Uneven Bars by UC-Davis' Aya Suzuki. Season high for Palomares with her Yurchenko full. Amazing routine on Bars from Alexis Brown. Season high on Vault for Emily Richardson with a career-high for Arianna Robinson. Season-high team total on the Vault for Cal. Great Beam routine from Lauren Rice of Sacramento State. Team standings remain unchanged after the second rotation.

Unfortunately the power went out in my neighborhood and I was unable to watch the final two rotations. Richardson matched her career high mark on the Uneven Bars with fellow Juniors Amber Takara and Jessica Howe notching career highs alongside Freshman Sofie Seilnacht. Williams also tied with her season-high on the event. Their team total on the Uneven Bars was the third highest mark in the program's history. UC-Berkeley earned the highest score on the Balance Beam in school history with Desiree Palomares matching her career high and Howe earning a personal best of 9.950 on the event. Richardson added a career best of 9.875 in her second outing on the event after making her Beam debut last week. The team's final score of 197.500 is the highest score in school history. 

Stamates tied career-highs on both the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise to lead UC-Davis to a season-high total. Baron earned a career-high mark on the Floor with Sophomore Amanda Presswood also setting a personal record on the event. A solid outing for the team on the event enabled the Aggies to move into second place over Sacramento State. A season best effort from the team on the Floor Exercise solidified their second place finish and saw the Aggies score over the 196 mark for only the third time in the program history.

Sacramento State Sophomore Lauren Rice tied her career-high mark in the All Around to take the honors and help lead the Hornets to the second highest team score for the season. Three Hornets earned career-highs on the Floor Exercise - Freshman Carly Pratt, Sophomore Jennifer Brenner and Junior Julia Konner. 

Williams took out the Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise titles with team mates Arianna Robinson and Jessica Howe taking out the Vault and Balance Beam honors respectively. 

  1. University of California-Berkeley (49.225, 49.475, 49.350, 49.450) 197.500
  2. University of California-Davis (48.750, 48.950, 49.125, 49.200) 196.025
  3. Sacramento State (48.450, 48.950, 48.800, 49.225) 195.425

  1. Lauren  Rice (Sacramento State) 39.225
  2. Julia Konner (Sacramento State) 39.025
  3. Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 38.950
  1. Arianna Robinson (UC-Berkeley) 9.900
  2. Emily Richardson (UC-Berkeley) 9.875
  3. Desiree Palomares (UC-Berkeley) 9.850
  4. Alexis Brown (UC-Davis); Amber Takara (UC-Berkeley); Sylvie Seilnacht (UC-Berkeley) 9.800

  5. Kara Jones (UC-Davis); Katy Nogaki (UC-Davis); Toni-Ann Williams (UC-Berkeley) 9.775

  6. Yonni Michovska (UC-Davis) 9.725
  7. Lauren Schmeiss (Sacramento State); Julia Konner (Sacramento State); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.700

  8. Miranda Holder (UC-Davis); Megan Kyle (Sacramento State); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State) 9.675

  9. Yasmine Yektaparast (UC-Davis) 9.650
  10. Jennifer Brenner (Sacramento State) 9.575
  11. Amanda Presswood (UC-Davis) 9.525
  1. Toni-Ann Williams (UC-Berkeley) 9.925
  2. Amber Takara (UC-Berkeley); Sofie Seilnacht (UC-Berkeley); Jessica Howe (UC-Berkeley) 9.900

  3. Alexis Brown (UC-Davis) 9.875
  4. Dani Judal (UC-Davis); Emily Richardson (UC-Berkeley) 9.850

  5. Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 9.825
  6. Lauren Rice (Sacramento State); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State); Yonni Michovska (UC-Davis); Yuleen Sternberg (UC-Berkeley); Alicia Gallarzo (UC-Berkeley) 9.800

  7. Julia Konner (Sacramento State) 9.775
  8. Courtney Soliwoda (Sacramento State) 9.750
  9. Jordan Helgesen (UC-Davis) 9.725
  10. Miranda Holder (UC-Davis) 9.700
  11. Aya Suzuki (UC-Davis) 9.675
  12. Rachel Kreager (UC-Davis) 9.600
  13. Jennifer Brenner (Sacramento State) 9.575
  14. Jamie Yamashita (UC-Davis) 9.300
  15. Alyssa Anderson (Sacramento State) 8.650
  1. Jessica Howe (UC-Berkeley) 9.950
  2. Desiree Palomares (UC-Berkeley) 9.900
  3. Stephanie Stamates (UC-Davis); Emily Richardson (UC-Berkeley) 9.875

  4. Alexis Brown (UC-Davis); Katy Nogaki (UC-Davis); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State); Rachel Kreager (UC-Davis) 9.850

  5. Sofie Seilnacht (UC-Berkeley) 9.825
  6. Charlie Owens (UC-Berkeley) 9.800
  7. Yasmine Yektaparast (UC-Davis); Dani Judal (UC-Davis); Cassie Benning (Sacramento State); Megan Kyle (Sacramento State) 9.775

  8. Jennifer Brenner (Sacramento State) 9.750
  9. Zoe Draghi (UC-Berkeley) 9.725
  10. Julia Konner (Sacramento State); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.700

  11. Toni-Ann Williams (UC-Berkeley) 9.325
  12. Taylor Baron (UC-Davis) 9.225
  13. Courtney Soliwoda (Sacramento State) 9.000
  1. Toni-Ann Williams (UC-Berkeley) 9.950
  2. Zoe Draghi (UC-Berkeley) 9.925
  3. Stephanie Stamates (UC-Davis); Lauren Rice (Sacramento State) 9.900

  4. Cassie Benning (Sacramento State); Jessica Howe (UC-Berkeley); Arianna Robinson (UC-Berkeley) 9.875

  5. Amanda Presswood (UC-Davis); Yasmine Yektaparast (UC-Davis); Jennifer Brenner (Sacramento State); Julia Konner (Sacramento State) 9.850

  6. Taylor Baron (UC-Davis); Desiree Palomares (UC-Berkeley) 9.825

  7. Miranda Holder (UC-Davis); Charlie Owens (UC-Berkeley); Sylvie Seilnacht (UC-Berkeley) 9.775

  8. Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.750
  9. Carly Pratt (Sacramento State) 9.700
  10. Kara Jones (UC-Davis) 8.800
  11. Dani Judal (UC-Davis) 7.800

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