GA Updates Profiles

6:28 AM

YAYNESS! Gymnastics Australia has updated the WAG profiles. Our 2008/2009 Senior National is made up of our Olympic hopefuls:
Georgia Bonora (WGC/AIS)
Ashleigh Brennan (VIS/AIS)
Emma Dennis (WGC/AIS)
Amber Fulljames (QAS/AIS)
Melanie Jones (AIS)
Daria Joura (WAIS/AIS)
Lauren Mitchell (WAIS/AIS)
Shona Morgan (WGC/AIS)
Olivia Vivian (WAIS/AIS)

The lone Junior National squad member at this point in time is W.A.'s Emily Little. Very well deserved for all these girls. Oddly enough Chloe Sims' profile is not in the retired athletes section. Very curious. Oh and unfortunately Emily's profile is unavailable.

The MAG section has been updated, though most of the Junior Under 18's profiles are photoless. Our Olympic competitor for Rhythmic Gymnastics Naazmi Johnston has a new photo, and we can now see the members of the Junior National Squad.

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