5:18 AM

Hello to all,
Hope you have all had a safe and happy Holiday season. I had a great one and am all refreshed and excited in looking towards the new year. My New Year's resolution will be to keep more in touch with this blog... silly university, work and training schedules/commitments have kept me otherwise occupied these last few months and I can't begin to count the number of posts in which I have started and am yet to finish. Perhaps I will get to it on my days off when there is nothing else to report on? I should let you know that we may have a guest blogger every now and then... her name is Mielieta and like myself she is a fellow gymnast and a huge gymnastics fan. She turned 19 in September and although moved to Australia almost five years ago still has that pronounced South African accent. I think we will all enjoy a fresh perspective and the more technical side and her experiences which she will bring to this blog. Friends have been trying to get her to create her own blog for years now, so this will be a dream come true for them. Ohhh I should tell you that I may hijack some posts early in 2010 with news of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. I seriously love them, and living in Australia and having never seen snow before in my life find it all a bit curious, so I do apologise in advance.

Until next time,

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