Gymnasts "Got Talent"

5:05 PM


I need some confirmation!! I know Naazmi, Enid, Jaelle, and Vanessa. Can anyone put the other girls names to their faces? Image from Gymnastics NSW and Meriden Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre.

If you live in Australia, chances are that you might be watching "Australia's Got Talent" where people from anywhere in the country, of any age get the chance to show what they can do. In the last couple of weeks gymfans have seen cheerleading teams, acrobats and more recently some rhythmic gymnasts strut their stuff. Videos courtesy of nana443 on Youtube... thanks very muchly for uploading!

Up and coming Acrobatic pair Aaron and Jo wowed the judges on the show and were awarded a place in the next round for their hard work. The 20 and 15 year olds respectively call themselves "Dynamic Duo" and compete in level ten, will be hoping to win at the first ever Australian Acrobatic Gymnastics National Clubs Competition which will be held in July. Check out their routine at the Gymnastics Australia website the link which you can find here.

As for the cheerleaders..... KLD-Xtreme Air Force girls from 9 to 18 years old who hail from Knox in Victoria took the stage with a routine to Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell" which you can see here and have made it through to the next round of competition! Unlucky however was the Perth Angels Stunt Team which had a bit of a rough time.... as you can watch here.

Also going through to the next round.... some students from Meriden Rhythmic Gymnastics, who title their group Meriden Rhythmix - lead by a very familiar National Champion - the one and only Naazmi Johnston!!! What a credit to Danielle LeRay.... loved loved loved it!! The group is made up of Naazmi Johnston, Enid Sung, Jaelle Cohen, Vanessa Ade, Alberta Nader, Hayley Xuereb, Michaela Whitehouse, Anastasia Katharios and Marian Barer. CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME ROUTINE!

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