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The third edition of this year's Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup series is taking place in Wuxi City, China on the 2nd and 3rd of July. All continents will be represented as thirteen countries have entered. Watch out for reigning Olympic Champions China's Lu Chunlong and He Wenna and defending World Champions China's Dong Dong and Li Dan. This is one of the seven Category A events all of which feature Men's and Women's Individual and Synchro Trampoline events and Tumbling, with the exception of Kawasaki, Japan and Jablonec nad Nisou (CZE) that do not include Tumbling.

The World Cup competitions consist of Qualifications and Finals in each category and participation is restricted to four men and four women each in Individual Trampoline and Tumbling as well as two Men's and two Women's Pairs in Synchronised Trampoline per country. The top eight gymnasts or pairs from Qualifications proceed to the Finals, where a maximum of two individuals or one pair per country and discipline can compete. Participation of one gymnast or pair from the host country in one Final chosen from Tumbling, Individual or Synchronised Trampoline is ensured by a wild card in the event that the Federation fails to qualify for any of the Finals.

The world ranking points collected by competitors during the circuit will tally up, and the top scorers in each discipline will be crowned the winners of the overall series at the ultimate event in Odense.




  1. Nathan Bailey (GBR)

  2. Masaki Ito (JPN)

  3. Charles Thibault (CAN)

  4. Xiao Tu (CHN)

  5. Dario Aloi (ITA)

  6. Keegan Soehn (CAN)

  7. Nuno Merino (POR)

  8. Gregoire Pennes (FRA)

  9. Romain Legros (FRA)

  10. James Lange (NZL)

  11. James Higgins (GBR)

  12. William Morris (AUS)


  1. Anton Gonakov (RUS)

  2. Katsufumi Tasaki (JPN)

  3. Sergey Azaryan (RUS)

  4. Yasuhiro Ueyama (JPN)

  5. Luke Strong (GBR)

  6. Ty Swadling (AUS)

  7. Nikita Fedorenko (RUS)

  8. Shuai Ye (CHN)

  9. Takashi Sakamoto (JPN)

  10. Flavio Cannone (ITA)

  11. Stefano Crastolla (ITA)


  1. Carlos Ramirez Pala (BRA)

  2. Jack Penny (AUS)

  3. Dong Dong (CHN)

  4. Dmitry Ushakov (RUS)

  5. Blake Gaudry (AUS)

  6. Carl Rom-Colthoff (CAN)

  7. Rafael Andrade (BRA)

  8. Sebastien Martiny (FRA)

  9. Diogo Ganchinho (POR)

  10. Jason Burnett (CAN)

  11. Chunlong Lu (CHN)



  1. Daienne Cardoso Lima (BRA)

  2. Marina Murinova (FRA)

  3. Bethany Bailey (AUS)

  4. Ekaterina Khilko (UZB)

  5. Ayano Kishi (JPN)

  6. Ayana Yamada (JPN)

  7. Samantha Smith (CAN)

  8. Emma Smith (GBR)

  9. Galina Goncharenko (RUS)

  10. Bryony Page (GBR)

  11. Karen Cockburn (CAN)

  12. Mina Terada (JPN)

  13. Amanda Parker (GBR)


  1. Katherine Driscoll (GBR)

  2. Mariah Madigan (CAN)

  3. Zita Frydrychova (CZE)

  4. Dan Li (CHN)

  5. Xingping Zhong (CHN)

  6. Rosannagh Maclennan (CAN)

  7. Laura Paris (FRA)

  8. Ana Rente (POR)

  9. Victoria Voronina (RUS)

  10. Haruna Yamashita (JPN)

  11. Shanshan Huang (CHN)

  12. Taissa Garcia (BRA)

  13. Wenna He (CHN)


  1. Xiao Tu/Dong Dong (CHN)

  2. Yasuhiro Ueyama/Takashi Sakamoto (JPN)

  3. Charles Thibault/Jason Burnett (CAN)

  4. Dario Aloi/Flavio Cannone (ITA)

  5. Keegan Soehn/Carl Rom-Colthoff (CAN)

  6. Nathan Bailey/Luke Strong (GBR)

  7. Sergey Azaryan/Anton Gonakov (RUS)

  8. Blake Gaudry/William Morris (AUS)

  9. Chunlong Lu/Lei Gao (CHN)

  10. Sebastien Martiny/Gregoire Pennes (FRA)

  11. Nikita Fedorenko/Dmitry Ushakov (RUS)

  12. William Morris/Jack Penny (AUS)

  13. Masaki Ito/Katsufumi Tasaki (JPN)

  14. Diogo Ganchinho/Nuno Merino (POR)


  1. Katherine Driscoll/Bryony Page (GBR)

  2. Dan Li/Meng Li (CHN)

  3. Ayano Kishi/Ayana Yamada (JPN)

  4. Shanshan Huang/Xingping Zhong (CHN)

  5. Karen Cockburn/Rosannagh Maclennan (CAN)

  6. Amanda Parker/Laura Gallagher (GBR)

  7. Mariah Madigan/Samantha Smith (CAN)

  8. Haruna Yamashita/Mina Terada (JPN)

  9. Galina Goncharenko/Victoria Voronina (RUS)


  1. Morgan Sauton (FRA)

  2. Nikolay Komlachev (UZB)

  3. Kristof Willerton (GBR)

  4. Song Yang (CHN)

  5. Luo Zhang (CHN)

  6. David Roy Wood (GBR)

  7. Timofey Podust (RUS)

  8. Alexander Seifert (CAN)

  9. Shaun Gregory (GBR)

  10. Yi Tao (CHN)

  11. Alexandre Bertin (FRA)

  12. Kalon Ludvigson (USA)

  13. Mickael Gosset (FRA)

  14. Lingfeng Zhang (CHN)

  15. Jordan Lucas (GBR)


  1. Yuanyuan Zhang (CHN)

  2. Jessica Courreges-Clercq (FRA)

  3. Shuang Guan(CHN)

  4. Fangfang Jia (CHN)

  5. Anna Korobeynikova (RUS)

  6. Samantha Rockett (GBR)

  7. Lauriane Lamperim (FRA)

  8. Zara Mclean (GBR)

  9. Yu Chen (CHN)

  10. Mathilde Millory (FRA)

  11. Emily Smith (CAN)

  12. Yuliya Stankevich-Brown (USA)

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