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Do Thi Ngan Thuong has competed in her final competition as a representative of Vietnam at this year's South East Asian Games. According to the article you can read in full here on, Do surprised fellow athletes and coaches when she embarked on a comeback five months ago, following the two year doping ban ending. She ended her career with a total of three medals from this edition of the South East Asian Games - a silver in the All Around, and gold medals on both the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. However Thuong, who told told Baomoi that "I know I am not at my peak so I just tried in every event" believes that of her seven gold medals from a total of four Southeast Asian Games,  "The all-around gold from the 23rd Games is the one that makes me most proud but these two I will remember most because it might be the last Games of (my) career".

Thuong returned to competition as the national team needed a "pioneer at the upcoming SEA Games' so the 21 year old, who over time has earned herself the nickname "Doll" pulled on the leotard once more. Here is a different article, from VietnamNet, which was written a month before the Games, which you can read in full here and is entitled "The last SEA Games for "Doll" Ngan Thuong". 
Ngan Thuong is the most outstanding gymnast of Vietnam. She left her family when she was six to go to China for training. Thuong’s childhood were days of training and the small girl had to bear missions which were beyond a kid’s ability.

The 15 years with gymnastics brought about unforgettable experience for Thuong, with glorious moments on victory platforms and painful wounds. She didn’t sleep many nights because of homesickness. She has experienced many painful injuries and several times she has planned to say goodbye to this sweaty sport. 

Thuong has won many medals and was the top gymnast of Southeast Asia for many consecutive years. In the past two years, she has had to struggle with a knee injury. At the age of 21, Thuong said she could not perform well difficult moves but in the eyes of junior gymnasts, she is still an integral support, in terms of professional skills and spirit. That is why she returns to the national team.

Thuong was on the ebb after the doping scandal at Olympic 2008 in Beijing . That the saddest memory in her life. “For me, this is a big lesson for me and will never repeat it. I also hope that it will be a lesson for young athletes and they will be able to stand up against whenever they fall,” she said.

After graduation from the Sports and Physical Training University, Thuong has become a coach in Hanoi. She is in charge of seeking young talents and training them.

Thuong said she was very sad because her career as a gymnast would officially end.

  • 2011 SEA GAMES: 2nd All Around (49.700); 7th Vault (11.950, 12.675) 12.312; 1st Uneven Bars (12.900); 1st Balance Beam (12.300)
  • 2010 ASIAN GAMES: 8th All Around (13.850, 11.650, 12.750, 13.450) 51.700; 7th Vault (13.725, 13.425) 13.575; 7th Floor Exercise (12.650)
  • 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: 86th All Around (35.625); 58th Uneven Bars (12.425); 77th Balance Beam (11.700); 85th Floor Exercise (11.500)
  • 2008 OLYMPIC GAMES: Became the first Vietnamese gymnast to compete at the Olympics, where it is later revealed she tested positive to Furosimide where she was expelled from the Games and served a 2 year ban.
  • 2007 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: 110th All Around (49.400); 142nd Uneven Bars (11.925); 154th Balance Beam (12.600); 128th Floor Exercise (12.525)
  • 2007 SOUTH EAST ASIAN GAMES: Member of Silver medal Team; Bronze All Around; Gold Balance Beam; Bronze Floor Exercise
  • 2006 ASIAN GAMES: Competed UB/BB only. Did not make finals, scored 12.900, 12.600 respectively.
  • 2006 SENIOR ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: 12th All Around (51.500); 8th Balance Beam (12.800)
  • 2005 SOUTH EAST ASIAN GAMES: Member of Silver Medal winning team; Gold medal of All Around; Gold Medal Balance Beam
  • 2005 Winner "Hanoi Sportswoman of the Year"

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