Some Fashion from Japanese Championships

8:38 PM

Day one of the 66th Japanese Championships was held yesterday. The competition which concludes today, is the first qualification for those gymnasts who wish to compete at the Olympic Games. All below images from Getty Images.


Natsumi Sasada - Love the color and patterning on this leotard.

Rie Tanaka - Same leotard as Day One, but different color. Much prefer this color than that on Day One.

Yuumi Iizuka - Gorgeous leotard.

Chinami Otaki - Stunning color, pity we can't see the detailing.

Yu Minobe

Koko Tsurumi - Loving the pink. 

Yuko Shintake - Love this variation

Asuka Teramoto. Interesting colors and patterning.

Yuko Shintake. Love the simplicity of this leotard.

Rie Tanaka. Love the detailing.

Kyoko Oshima. Simple yet stunning.

Yu Minobe. Another simple and effective leotard.

Yumi Iizuka. 

Mai Yamagishi

Unsure of who this is? What a colorful and unusual leotard!

Sakura Noda.

Koko Tsurumi. Already given my view, but it's Koko! How could I not include it.

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