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I have been directed to the article below by one of my sisters. It details the fundraising efforts of seven siblings as they send their mother to China for groundbreaking cancer treatment. The Kane family have been involved in Gymnastics in Western Australia for many years. Her three daughters, Elizabeth, Eloise and Alexandra  having been involved in Gymnastics and in particularly in Sports Aerobics  In fact more recently, Eloise was a member of the winning Aero Dance team which competed at the 2011 ANAC International Aerobic Championships. Rebecca has also been a huge supporter of her children's efforts and an avid supporter of gymnastics in general. If you have some money to spare please think about donating. No matter how big or small every bit counts.

Here's the article from Ninemsn:

A Perth mother has travelled to China to receive cancer treatment not yet available in Australia in a last-ditch bid to save her life.
Just over one year ago, primary school teacher Rebecca Kane, 56, was diagnosed with advanced cancer and told she had just months to live.
The news came two weeks after Mrs Kane had returned from the UK, where she had been celebrating after being given the all-clear for cervical cancer.
Pap smears revealed the cancer, diagnosed in 2005, was gone after being treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
But when the phone rang on December 29, 2010, and Mrs Kane's 27-year-old daughter Elizabeth Kane answered it, she instantly knew it was bad news.
"I watched Mum take the call and she suddenly started shaking and frantically taking notes," Elizabeth told ninemsn.
"My two sisters and I were standing in the kitchen watching and we all started to cry."
A final CT scan had revealed the worst possible outcome. Not only was the cancer still there, but it had spread to Mrs Kane's abdomen, liver and lungs.
She could not undergo more radiotherapy as her organs were too damaged from previous treatment.
"Doctors told her she would be living for a matter of months, not years," Elizabeth said.
But as the mother of seven children aged 18 to 29, Mrs Kane refused to accept the prognosis.
After exhausting all medical options available in Australia, she turned to a hospital in China that specialises in cancer treatments.
Among the treatments she is receiving at Fuda Cancer Hospital is nano-chemotherapy, which delivers cancer drugs directly to tumours using a nano-particle.
This aims to prevent toxic chemicals from flooding the bloodstream and damaging normal cells.
Nano-chemotherapy is not yet available in Australia, but three Melbourne hospitals are currently trialling a similar method of treatment using nano cells.
Sydney scientists Jennifer MacDiarmid and Himanshu Brahmbhatt have developed the EnGeneIC Delivery Device, which uses nano cells to enter cancer cells.
Dr MacDiarmid told ninemsn early trials had shown the device had a "good safety profile" but it was too early to know its clinical benefit.
She estimated the device would be available in Australia in less than five years, if trials continued to go well.
"When this gets on the market will depend … on how quickly regulatory officials approve it."
Mrs Kane started her treatment at the Fuda Cancer Hospital earlier this year and, according to Elizabeth, the results are promising.
"She's just gone back to China for her second round of treatment and the other day she received the news that her tumours were starting to shrink," she said.
But the treatment is not cheap. Mrs Kane will need four to six rounds of treatment this year, with each costing about $20,000 and not covered by health insurance.
Mrs Kane's seven children, aged 18 to 29, have been organising fundraising events and have also launched an online campaign to raise $20,000 for her next round of treatment.
If you would like to donate, please visit

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