Podium Training Fashion

8:19 AM

Here is a selection of leotards from the Training before the start of the Olympic Games. There are a few gems in there. 

AUSTRALIA - See fabulous gallery from The Sydney Morning Herald here. Black mesh sleeves with silver diamantes, green with the Southern Cross on top right hand corner on the front with black and yellow patterning. Quite lovely actually!!

BARBARA GASSER (AUSTRIA) - I love this leotard, it's simple and effective. Image courtesy of the Austrian Gymnastics Federation website.

GAELLE MYS (BELGIUM) - See Subdivision One images from InsideGymnastics.com. Silver diamantes around the collar. Black mesh sleeve on left side with diamantes. Remainder of the leotard red, with black and silver flower design and patterning down the other sleeve. Love these Belgium leotards.

BRAZIL (BRUNA KUROIWA YAMAMOTO LEAL) - Love the color of this leotard! (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

CANADA (KRISTINA VACULIK) - Loving the patterning on the leotard from Training but not entirely sure I love the color (Image courtesy of Reuters)

CHINA (YAO JINNAN) - Image from Getty Images. Love the patterning on this leotard.

JESSICA GIL ORTIZ (COLOMBIA) - Another lovely leotard from the Colombian! Photo from Getty Images.

GERMANY (NADINE JAROSCH) - I love this leotard from the Germans! Photo from Getty Images

GREAT BRITAIN (REBECCA TUNNEY, HANNAH WHELAN, ELIZABETH TWEDDLE, JENNIFER PINCHES, IMOGEN CAIRNS) - (Image courtesy of Getty Images). Different leotard, not entirely sure I like the contouring pattern.

VASILIKI MILLOUSI (GREECE) - Love, love, love this leotard! Photo from Reuters

ANA SOFIA GOMEZ PORRAS (GUATEMALA) - Stunning color! Photo from Reuters

DORINA BOCZOGO (HUNGARY) - Whilst not the most flattering image from Reuters, but I do adore this leotard.

VALERIIA MAKSIUTA (ISRAEL) - Another leotard in which I have always loved! Another image courtesy of Reuters

JAPAN (RIE TANAKA, YUKO SHINTAKE, YU MINOBE, KOKO TSURUMI AND ASUKA TERAMOTO): Image courtesy of Reuters Pictures. Yes I am a fan of this leotard.

ITALY (VANESSA FERRARI) - Photo from AP Photo. Love this leotard!!

SEON MI HEO (KOREA) - Love this leotard! Photo from Reuters.

ZOI MAFALDA MARQUES DE LIMA (PORTUGAL) - Stunning leotard!! Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

ROMANIA (DIANA LAURA BULIMAR) - Photo courtesy of Reuters. Okay so on first glance I must admit that I was not a fan, but it is slowly growing on me.

RUSSIA (ANASTASIA GRISHINA) - Photo from Getty Images. Love the coloring on this leotard. Very stylish.

GIULIA STEINGRUBER (SWITZERLAND) - Love this leotard! Very patriotic and stylish. Image from Reuters.

NATALIYA KONONENKO (UKRAINE) - From what I can see I think I like this leotard? (Photo from Reuters)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (JORDYN WIEBER) - Photo from Getty Images. Much prefer this design in the purple.... it looks kind of weird in the pink.

JESSICA LOPEZ (VENEZUELA): This would have to be my favorite or at least one of the favorites from Podium Training! (Photo from Getty Images)

PHAN THI HA THANH (VIETNAM): Wore the same leotard that compatriot DO Thi Ngan Thuong would wear for the Qualifications. Image courtesy of Reuters.

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